Ajmal Khan


J&K Exit

A             The line called Kashmir wanted to exit from poem India or I

and don’t want to join the poem Pakistan or P either

But some words in the line were desperate to join in India

and some to join in Pakistan



B             Some letters in the line K frequently shout Azaadi Azaadi, a banned word in India

In Delhi the center of  poem I, these letters are called Jihadis

and they sent as many as editors who needed to edit these letters and delete them



C             They edit the letters without considering  small letters, capital letters, feminine, masculine or      any other

Line K has undergone for editing and re editing many times from 1947 than any other lines            in the poem and more than ten thousand letters have been deleted so far

Feminine letters are being raped and molested by editors and young letters are

deleted more




D             During monsoons the line K will be flooded and few editors will help

letters to take refuge in the poem I

In the I-poem these images get circulated as the rhythm of the poem




E             Most of the times the poem I will declare, line K is the integral part of the poem

I have created a new grammar for the line K, its called AFSPA

and its strictly followed on the line K




F              Go back India, Go back India, shout some letters in the line K

that will again attract for editing and further deleting

Some letters even editors don’t know where       they have gone, they are known as D letters, or Disappeared




G            The broken letters in the line K are called H&W

H for half and W for widow

They also shout  Azaadi, Azaadi.

Seeing this, few letters and words from the poem I will stand up for K

Rest of them will shout, K is our integral part while the editing and deleting continues.


We raise

We raise leaving the dead bodies of cow

We raise with raped bodies

by the of upper caste men

We raise from the riots and massacres

that destroyed us

We raise from the manholes

with the colour of your dirt on our hands

that darkened our histories

We raise from the mass graves that are hidden

by the state in Gujarat

We raise from fabricated and fake FIR’s field in the atrocity cases

that erased the our butchers

We raise with our killed children by the Brahmanical Universities

We raise

We raise for liberty, equality and fraternity

We raise for dignity

We raise for what we have been denied so for

We raise from the ashes to stars

We raise from Una to Ahmedabad

We raise from Khairlanji and Ramabai Nagar

We raise from Karamchedu

We raise from Tsundur, Bathani Tola and Laxmanpur Bathe

We raise from the hands of Ranvir Sena

We raise from Melavalavu and Muthanga in Kerala

We raise from Gulberga society

We raise from Massgraves of Muzaffarnagar

We raise from Kilvenmani

We raise from Bhagalpur

We raise from Marichjhapi

We raise from Mirchpur in Haryana

We raise from Dharmapuri and Marakkanam in Tamil Nadu

We raise from Javkheda in Maharashtra

We raise from Dangawas in Rajasthan

We raise from Niyamgiri

We raise from the University of Hyderabad as Rohit Vemula

We raise

We raise against saffron cows that has wore the cow skin

We raise against Caste and its roots from the centuries

We raise against Modi and RSS

We raise against Caste Hindus

We raise against everyone and everything one who protected caste

and enslaved us

We raise as Dr. B.R Ambedkar

We raise as Jyotirao Phule

We raise as Savitribai  Phule

We raise as Periyar

We raise as Ayyankali

We raise as Dalits and Muslims

We raise with the energy got out eating Beef

We raise with the images and legacies of the fights

that our forefathers put up

We raise with our stories of slavery

We raise

We raise because, we have been raising so far

and when ever we raised, we were killed

tortured, butchered

We raise, even if we get killed

We raise

We raise

We raise from the graves


My nightingale

What must be the night bird thinking of

and crying in the midnight for?

Is it crying of the departed beloved?

Or the beloved deserted it and went away?

Or the cry of the soul that get high in the nights

when everyone are asleep and silent


Or its disturbed out of the increasing heat, humid

carbon dioxide, methane and chlorofluorocarbons

and everything that we produce

and crying for life?

Is it making a last cry for existence in the atmosphere

that is beaconing for death?


Gulbarg Society

A black cat is still hanging around here and there

for many years now since 2012

The blood scars have also become back like the color of the

the cat’s skin

Spiders have conveniently made their their nets

that have covered many of the scars

Few pigeons have made nests on the chimni

which were burned and have become black colour

There is silence everywhere

a deadly silence

the silence coming out of the fear of danger

The colour of the fear is the colour of the burned dresses of kids

while they were burned alive

The word truth shakes the founding

stones of this building

The dusty case files in the supreme courts and high court

have half have become food for termites

The wind that use to come some times from the east

and embrace the building says

“wait the truths will come out one day

you have to wait until justice come”

It has been long time since that wind has come now

Its scared of the cat, spiders or termites ?


Ajmal Khan A.T is a bilingual writer who write in English and Malayalam. His articles and poems have appeared in Muse India magazine, India Cultural forum, Countercurrents.org, Resist India, Round Table India, Two Circles.net, Sanhati.com, Ignite South Asia, Cafedissensus.com, Kafila.org and Kindle magazine in English and in Madhyamam Weekly, Thejus Weekly, Shabab Weekly, Risala Weekly, Thejus Malayalam daily, Siraj daily, Varthamanm daily. He is also in the editorial board of  Refugee watch On line journal published from Calcutta and  student magazine Aaghaaz.