Anit Mukherjee


Ode to Marquez

Here arrived a night of sharp-beaked ravens,

With it came the queer blinding senses,

Through the vacant cavity of eye-socket,

Have fled the vanity and falsehood of enlightenment.


Here arrived a night of colossal erudition,

Where silence roamed with clamorous communication,

The attempt of silent flight of soul is vanquished

As the sound of its collision with air reverberated.


Here arrived a night of magic realism,

Which exhaled the feral fragrance of civilization

And inhaled the spirit of eternal soul fervorous,

Every breath resonated with the universal pulses.


Here arrived a night of unequivocal calling,

Where every taste bud distinguished the deceased from the living,

On the sharp tongue-tip danced ancient morsels in thousands

And revealed the taste of immortality so long held in secrets.


Here arrived a night of occult realization,

Where the touch of elements synthesized a compound notion,

The stale layers of ignorance on epidermis is dusted,

Revealing the plethora of carriers for emancipation entrusted.


Anit Mukherjee is an engineer by profession who has keen interest,apart from engineering of course,in music, literature, history and philosophy. anit