Anupam Naskar

From the corner of your western window
Spare an indifferent glance to this autumn rain ;
Like thousand silent stones falling
on a gloomy dark stream ,
flowing with the caprice of this afternoon mind.
And I forget to keep track of how I am getting older
In this feverish time sleeping with an infinite anaesthesia,
With memories lingered through the alleys of time where demon keeps on coming back
Through the broken mirror of apathetic people
To watch the debris of my restless time
From the eyes of the saddest poems penned for my saddest inevitability….

Anupam is an economist, chemical engineer , MBA and poet. He is holding a1393814_10151925045841348_961186456_n BE Chemical Engineering degree from Jadavpur University,Kolkata,India. He also holds an MBA from IIT Kanpur.Presently he is pursuing Economics phd at Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research (IGIDR) Mumbai. Anupam is an avid reader of Bengali and English literature. He writes poetry in Bengali and English and his poetry has been published from many domestic and international magazines.