Asim Kumar Paul


Sea water forms waves those have passage on water,

Our world lives on brittle waves at turn of peak stage


Upon flowing of gravitation that pulls every breaking point

Of our mind and scatters loose links to unite or reunite


Upon the shore, where footsteps mark the presence of life,

Weather forms passage for gyration to the planet’s climate.


Words of waves speak with golden sun in this morning.



A sunlit water-island, morning looks

At the sea, earth says, “The Nature”.

It is the wonderland that looks beautiful.


No place have we found to put this to compare,

It creates super-exposition of state of art,

Mind cites trumped beauty at eyes’ fulfilment.


We are just staying under this view,

From the shore where wet sand takes dip,

And above is the sky, our shoulders relies


On the battlefield of world, trails of words

Stealth mind’s mirror, sharp introduction

To nature’s service, like rainbow after rain.


Nearest and dearest ones do change mind

A parallel likeness harbors rhyme and stillness

With dependent lovers’ sail for loving trail.

Asim Kumar Paul is a retired person. He is of 66 years of age. He lives ASIM KUMAR PAUL 1with his wife at Kharagpur town, West Bengal, India. He has four publications of poetry books, 1. Three Poems (2005), 2.Winter Shade to His Liking (2007), 3.Azure (2010). These three books are praised by eminent poet, Dr Benjamin Zephaniah of UK. His fourth poetry book is Poetry Album (2014). And he has one poetry brochure SCULPTURE (2015) Asim has two poetry blogs 1.’s full Bio-data is at the link,