Asim Kumar Paul

Living Flame

I cannot show me as fire.

When my mind burns, a yellow flame resides

As a burning circle inside hollow heart

That is pulling my life with smoke,

For forty years of trials and toasts of imagination.

I would like to form a triangle

With three threads of life, with impediments,

Small lens cannot create full view of the blue sky,

Passing my views to a leaking jar over senses

Those are my relations making blurred images.

It is my fate, doing nothing for them,

Ending in a small passage, not accustomed to see it,

I cannot pluck thorny episodes, dancing on threads,

And I look only to my image that shouts,

Silent protester I am here, moving in allurements.

In the last thread of managing money,

Whole essence is damaged when I take partnership,

Small source of money gets groaning

Some decisions are parted away whimsically,

I cannot draw a tangent to the hyperbolic curve of anxiety.

Asim Kumar Paul writes poetry in English and in Bengali, too. He has threeAsim Kumar Paul, sitting at International Poetry Fest-2012, Guntur, AP, India self-published Poetry Books. All of his poetry books are praised by eminent poet, Dr. Benjamin Zephaniah, of UK. He has got one award, The Perfect Poet Award Week 73, Hyde Park Poetry, USA, in 2012.