Bhisma Upreti



Sitting among a group of boys

Was also a youthful girl.


Some boys, not letting her know,

Some openly,

And some others cautiously,

Were looking frequently

Sometimes into her eyes

Sometimes on her chest

Sometimes on her face.


Possibly, they searched their own self,

Or viewed themselves in her.

Not a lady

With her own desires and dreams,

She was becoming a mirror.


I thought – all men look at women.

What should women turn to?


Just then, a seller of mirrors,

Appeared with a bag, filled with mirrors,

Walking past us

While on his way to bazaar.


Brushing aside all the glances on her,

The girl called out to the man

And asked the price of the mirror.


Translated from Nepali: Mukul Dahal



I’m only water when just looked at.

Without color
Without taste
Without even shape
I’m only water when just looked at.


But when I come to your mind,
I come with shape
I come with color.


I enter the roots.
Then only
Climb green color
Up the trees.
I enter the dry cores.
Then only
Wafts around
The aroma of life,
And comes the dream
To abide in the eyes.
And the pace itself
Starts walking.


I’m only water when just looked at.


But am I
Only water ?


( Bhisma Upreti’s poem translated from Nepali by Haris Adhikari)



Bhisma Upreti  is an award winning Nepali poet and wuriter. His 8 books of poetry and 6 books of essays have been published. His works have been translated into English, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Serbian, Slovenian and Tamil and have appeared in various international journals, magazines and anthologies.. He is Joint Secretary of PEN Nepal and also a Coordinator of Writer’s Peace Committee under PEN Nepal.
He lives in Kathmandu with his family.