Bipul Banerjee

Blue flames

Silently heat the vessel of passion

Dark fantasies brew in emotions

Aroma of exotic attractions

Draws you near my cup

Print your lips

Drink me

Sip by Sip

Hit the orgasmic peak

Quench the yearning of lust



When peaks come down

Put me back in place

Prevent from shattering

For I shall serve once again

When your lows

Take you over….


The Phoenix ….

Knowingly I took the savaged route,

Carrying a heartfelt of misunderstood emotions

Journey romantically uncertain

Twists and turns of drastic quantum

A toil of dawn to ‘dusk’

Laboring to suture the torn

Skidding, Slipping, still holding on

Uncanny efforts to mend all

For the one all intended

Smashed in

Shattered the fragile to pieces many

Sarcastically smiling : all broken and done !!

The ‘dusk’ is a little known Phoenix

Risen from ashes of hell




Written off several times

Ah! that is the infliction’s perception

While each broken bit reunites,

I will be one again…


Love Chemistry…

I dive deep in your ocean blue eyes

In pursuit of pearls of emotions,




All dissolved on the way…

I the solute,

You the solvent

WE the solution of Love…


Thunder Love..

The bolt of thunder,

Illuminating skies of feelings,

Traveling faster than the sound of expressions

Clouds of impregnated emotions,

Dropping honey dew love.

Cracked bare landscapes of self

Sucking greedily like a hungry child

Rainbow of hope,

Ensure Love,

To me, to you, to all the deprived and yearning …….


Yours truly

When hopes are bleak

Opportunities sleek

When despair rules

Misery the tool

When appreciation is gone

Ridicule is on






Lime Lights replaced

Spots of darkness covered

Standing in eternal time

Arms stretched

I behold

Come seek refuge

In abandoned temples of Love

The bell still rings

The light still glimmers

I pour the oils of self

Keeping the flame ablaze

No questions asked

No shame inflected

Come home

For your hustling emotions

Need some rest !!



Bipul Banerjee :The author is a sales and marketing professional With bipula degree in science and M.B.A in marketing.Pursuing Ph.D in marketing and industry experience of 20 years.He has a passion for writing poems capturing human emotions in words.