Daipayan Nair


What gets taken away is the paint,

which was once the wall, always present, helping my presence.

Now, it’s gone; peeled off, leaving an unknown blue.

I touch it. I feel it.

They say, my palm floats on a nothingness.

If I tag it as a smile, then yes,

the marigolds flying, floating on winds are not a mere balcony curtain.

Perhaps, it will not ask of me

why my peeled off always leaves behind a red,

as then it will have to tag me as a dawn

and death is a transparent glass and still empty.

And so I stand with my hands stretched on the roof;

the floating palms accumulating you in the blue.

I don’t know, if ever I will meet you again

May be the day, when your love leaves its perception, of being true.

Feel free to come.

I will be waiting for you in your eye.


Born in the year 1988 in a town named Silchar in Assam, India, Daipayan Nair is a freelance writer, author, poet, surrealist and admin of a few active groups on social media platforms. He writes poetry on an array of subjects. His poems have been published in quite a few international as well as national magazines and anthologies. He has also been awarded a few prizes including the recent Reuel International Prize For Poetry 2016. His recently published book containing his collection named ‘The Frost’, a bouquet of lyrical poems, has gathered positive reviews from many spheres. He has also invented a new poetry form in the field of creative writing called ‘The Tideling’