DC Chambial

Love Lasts Eternity

Love, a sentiment of oneness:
comes unknown all at once.
Known to soul since eternity.

The flower charms the eyes,
fascinates and tickles the heart;
scent exalts senses till eternity.

Breeze blows quietly,
stirs slumbering spark,
lights path till eternity.

The bud grows young with
Sun’s stride around the globe;
lives ever young till eternity.

Fire once lit never dies. Boldly faces
many a blizzard and storm. Burns bright ev’n
while crossing the gate past eternity.

A river deep flows afar:
safely swims to light at the other shore.
Eyes set firm on blissful eternity.

Ah! The mellifluous ambrosia
trickles down from heaven to glut the soul:
ecstasy this lasts till eternity.

Stoic Stance

Jatasyahidhruvomrityu, janmamritasyacha … [The Gita 2.27]

Life and death
Complement each other
Like day and night,
Morn and eve,
Heaven and hell,
River and bank,
Earth and sky.

Why the fear of death?
Why the joy of birth?

Let’s welcome both
With stoic stance of a seer!

Beyond Memory

Birth and death,
The entrance and exit
Of the puppet
Designed from

It’s the one
Who lives within and
Makes heart palpitate,
Lungs breathe.

It was, is, shall ever be
Eternal as He.

Act as judiciously and naturally
As the blood and breath
In each body.

Let the unsolicited
Fear and concern
Be buried
In blackhole
Where memory and life’s dross
Don’t trouble at all!

*five elements –earth, fire, wind, water, and void.

Unanswered Questions

At this hour
Of antipathy,
Who is answerable:
The ruler? The ruled”
The killer? The killed?
The perpetrator? The perpetrated?
The oppressor? The oppressed?

My questions
Put on rhetorical orbs.

The time moves on
Without any nemesis,
Without concern for any one
Like the sage
Detached and poised.

In this melee of selfishness and egos,
All wallow,
Like the pigs, in muck.
None stops to contemplate
Even for a pico-second.

An Ant and I

I saw an ant
Carrying a cargo
Many times heavier than it.

I pressed the cargo
Making it toil hard.
Harder and harder it did.
When failed to move it further,
Eased its grip on the cargo.
It climbed, instead, up
On my finger
And stung it hard.

I sensed the ire and desperation:
The anger,
The agony;
Of those who suffer and undergo
Day and night.
And realized
Why they harbour hostility against those,
Who make it hard
For them to live their life.

The bite is genuine;
The anger, true.

When will the sun dawn
To make us live in harmony,
Realize the merited right
Of equality in life
Instead of colour and creed,
The shape and size,
The gender bias?

When will these all
Melt into a uniform whole —


CA DC Chambial has taught English language and literature for about 37 years in various schools and colleges in Himachal Pradesh. A recipient of many honours and awards for poetry and CV appears in many international biographical publications. An established poet with 10 books: Broken Images (1983), Himapaat (1984), The Cargoes of the Bleeding Hearts & Other Poems (1984), Poetry of Himachal Pradesh, edited (1985), Perceptions (1986), The Gyrating Hawks and Sinking Roads (1996), Before the Petals Unfold (2004), Mellow Tones (2010), Words (2012), Hour of Antipathy (2014); also included in a dozen anthologies. Edits Poetcrit (estd. 1988) – a peer-reviewed biannual literary Journal.