Debasree Nandi


Marked by desperation…
path full of life…
still caught hidden behind the clouds of fear
little she knew, little she felt,
blocked by the clouds to make her safe, and clear….
She the life giver, has little rights to live her own life;
she the nature herself remains only the nurturer,
But the moment she starts enjoying her life,
she is dethroned and claimed unruly,
claimed ill-mannered, and is not any more honoured
by the people whom she cared, whom she loved,
whom she nurtured.
She is not a material or a thing known only for use,
she is a mother, a daughter, a wife, a friend, a sister.
she has many names, but unto the topmost
then why is she need to be guilty if
she lives a moment of her life.
Remove all the clouds that tresspasses her,
clear her path and feel the enjoyment with her;
just like the ray of light that bursts into every cloud
making her own way…the ray of life that we ENJOY !!




Death in the early sunrise,
Death of the material;
The soul’s enlightened
And the world more brightened
The encompassed world of ours,
Widened after darkness;
Loneliness that perceived the life,
Is eternally blissed by this death.
Peace of my mind,death of my sole,
Enlightened will I be if death ever beholds
Night that ever passes by with dusk,
So would be this life brightened after death.

Behold we hold in our hearts,
even though knowing we cant hold it forever..
memories and peoples and things we like;
our rigid past and present alike,
beholding it in our hearts,
thinking it would never pass,
breaking all limitless dimensions,
even knowing it’s nature.
Time passes and so passes it,
in this timeless world;
where time passes by;
nothing remains captured,
everything flies by..
So let them pass and let it fly,
to its most earnest gallery of life.
Let it paint its own world,
through its happiness and pains.
Rather beholding it;
teach it to BE-HOLD the chances in life,
the chances to feel decaptivated,
rather than let it feel as exiled.

Debasree Nandi is a post graduate student and a young poet tribal-eye.