Deepanker Yadav

The Shadows

The shadow

Which want to look up from the


Are the doubts of my uneasy


But, what can I do ?

When my psyche’s door is shut.


My state is like that audience

Who is captive of cage, but get a


Of the harsh reality of outside

from the window pane.

When does not find any way of


He is weaving pain with

Perplexed brain.


While playing with Reverain


While playing with riverain, on the water

I have made some portraits,

Waving hands in the air

pointlessly and aimlessly

I have drawn some diagrams

which nobody can wipe out;


In the green valleys

underneath open sky

I have sung a few songs

which can not be hidden;


the short of

is the mirror of the relationship

of mine and yours,

which never gets old with passing time,


on which no cycle of time

can put layers of dust ever.

Deepanker Yadav is a student of literature at Allahabad University. He is an independent scholar  and poet. He writes both Hindi and English.