Dhriti Haldar


With hustle and bustle, they start with a rule.
One named as mighty satire and other the great ridicule.
Both expose human foolishness in a mess
One has a gorgeous deriding voice while other sounds less.
Ridicule has a caustic wit to show.Add New
While satire vice turns slow.
Sometimes satire can overtake reality with great anger and fire.
Ridicule answers this in a dismissive language and behavior.
Unkind words and action share between the two.
Mock whisper and tease them with a clue.
All stand in a que, with their portend
The human said, I have fool and it has no end


A girl walks through in the dark,
Cumulonimbus suddenly blow with a big spark.
Beings in the house, and animals under the tree.
Others take their shelter in the busy road for free.
Clouds roar and crowd of the rain quarrel,
With chilling sound, water freezes in the barrel..
Its 1:00 at night and every door of the town shut
Inspite, the girl walks through the road with a brave heart.
The road lays as it is and the rains deflect in that dark.
Sizzling night, incredible voice shake hand with that spark.
Oh God help them she says
Nature wonder and goes on her feet and lays.
The Sun knocks through fog at 6.
A sound came says dont worry I am enough to fix.



Sweat travels through the wave
His vice gets harder and harder
Leeches, Earthworm clamoring in the soil
The Earth is crying with the sweat
Some fear, some take a bow
His bread and butter he earn though
Blood gushes through the vein
Some travel with the blood, some through narrow lane
Flowing river take a sharp bend through the hole
Water oozes and tricke out and its his goal
Trees kiss the soil, and earth smile
He tight his pants and put his sweat on
She smiled and gave blessing to that soul



Her hair take that sharp bend
He gift me a smile and lend
I stammer, stumble & woke up from sleep
My mouth then shut after seeing with a beep
She blow me in my ears
I feel like riding a bike and kick the gear
It feels complete to smell her fragrance
Sometimes its a road but for a glance
A sound so sharp came from her
She slap me tight and i have that love fear
Suddenly she goes blur and i see her fade
Yeah u walk in sleep, and a somnambulist they said


Dhriti Haldar is a Mechanical engineer,a sportsman,travel freak and a writer.He has written two books named “Rise in the middle” and “936 awesome hacks and tricks”.He believes that  by certain brain hormonal interaction and with clarity of though one can pen down the thought.