Dr Kumarendra Mallick

3rd Vol ,No1 (January2016)

A New Dawn

If beauty lies
in the eyes of the beholder,
kind and soft words, for sure,
shall lie in the lips of the speaker
and sweet melody, the nature is so full of,
shall find its way into the ears of the listener…

If I receive such riches,
I wonder what shall I give in return.

A silent whisper prompts,
‘Are you not the merchant
who hoards love in your heart?
unlock, open its door,
share and distribute…
Never make it ever stale.

Be quick, make space,
for the angels are on their way
to fill your heart again,
this time with love’s new fragrance!’

‘Love begets love’,
soon dawned upon me the realisation.
My lost heart left buried in ice-cold vast ocean
I dived deep soon to regain…
In You

In your deep brown eyes
where the restless eye lashes
swing as the stems of lotus,
I get the vision of an unending vast universe
By your shapely hands – soft and tender,
I wish to be tightly clasped forever;
and how I long lovingly to surrender
on the battle field of your cheeks – nothing to remember!
In the cloud cover of your silky tresses
I have lost my path and all the directions,
except the black mole below your chin
nothing is visible to me and nothing is seen!
On the bank of your shining lips
attracted by the turbulent swirl of your love
I have leapt into the deep dimples of your passion
that has in my heart created an uncontrolled commotion.


Calcutta to Kharagpur on Road

With the crimson sun
setting on the right
we raced down
on the highway – wide and neat,
leaving behind on the both sides
paddy fields that reach
where the sky and the earth meet

In a peaceful sky
patches of clouds
wandered seemingly without any aim,
as the people disperse from the stadium
after their team’s miserable loss…
but birds appeared cheerful
on their way back home

The farmers carried
headloads of paddy stalk,
behind them their spouses
and the kids as usual with balloons:
their cheers flow steady
notwithstanding the wind blows from which side

They return
to their thatched houses,
where the light is dim
but the joy is at its prime,
their cattle they shall feed –
happiness is there
where small is the need.

Ripples of ecstasy filled my heart,
visions of my village
and my early school days
soon returned as a flashback—


The Sun Wishes Not to Set

There are days in everybody’s life
when the sun wishes not to set…
I had one such day when on a late May
there was light drizzle
and I stood under a white rose bush
in our balcony to get wet
After the passing cloud moved away,
I watched the drops of water
dripping from the leaves;
I shaped my fingers in the pattern of a bird
with the index finger as its beak to sip.
I repeated this with each finger except the thumb
till mother’s terse word admonished,
‘It is enough, get in, untimely rain is not good.’
When I look back this day,
I do not see the passing cloud,
the rose bush has been removed, too,
in their places mother’s words
appear so sweet and sugar-coated
and the flowers of her memory
far whiter than any rose blossom in my heart
The sun of that evening has not set yet…


Dr Kumarendra Mallick is an IIT Kharagpur graduate and a Shanti Swarup 383274_252114538189502_1250167007_nBhatnagar Prize winner in Earth Sciences. He is a scientist by profession and writng is his hobby. He retired from active service on Dec 31, 2001 from National Geophysical Research Institute. At the time of retirement he was holding the post of Scientist (Director’s Grade). Thereafter he was an Emeritus Scientist there for five years. He was a visiting professor at the university of Naples, Italy and a visiting scientist at Univ. of Karlsruhe, Germany. He was also an Associate professor at IIT, Mumbai during 1979-83. He has authored three books on geophysics.Recently in 2009 a book of verses with the title, ‘Letter to an imaginary pen friend and other poems‘  has been published by him.