Dr Kumarendra Mallick

2nd vol ,No1  (July 2015)

When the wind of love blows

When the wind of love blows
the waves in the sea
lower their head for it to pass
lest it may get delayed to reach her
waiting lonesome among the flowers

When the wind of love blows,
in its rugged terrain a narrow pass
the mountain creates, for it to move
to wipe the tears of the lonesome
who sits day-long among the flowers

When the wind of love blows,
the sun pulls the curtain of clouds
for the breeze to remain cool
for the delicate face of the one
who waits so long among the flowers

When the wind of love blows,
the forests with all eagerness
wish to ornate it with leaves and petals
to give shade and fragrance to the young one
who waits wistfully among the flowers

When the wind of love blows,
the eagle wishes to offer its wings
the extra weight of hugs and kisses to carry
to the one who waits among the flowers.

The Archer

‘What is that you are playing with?’
‘A bamboo bow and arrow, father,
brother made for me today.’
‘Do not hurt any, take care.’
‘Yes, I am hitting only into the air.’
Time moved on,
the four-year old is now sixteen
and has the aim of an Arjuna!
News of his achievements reached far and near,
hundreds assembled to see his magic
in festivals and big countryside fairs.
Fascinated by his extraordinary performance,
the king of the land took fancy
to invite him to his court and exhibit his art!
Excited, the poor youth could hardly hide his joy.
In the presence of thousand men and women
he was asked to prove his dexterity and acumen:
to take aim at an apple hung by a thread from a height.
The young man with great ease at first attempt hit it.
The applause was loud and the king was glad,
and asked, ‘Bravo, try once more the same game.’
The confident boy repeated his great feat and felt happy.
The applause was louder this time rising up the air.
With a contented smile the king patted the boy
and asked him to aim at the apple once again.
The hand of the youth was not sure this time,
though he did not miss the target. It was fine.
The king did not stop with that, and signaled to try again.
The young archer felt the heat,
And was not so sure this time to repeat the feat;
He didn’t miss his aim, yet felt for the first time
the presence of an unseen hand that, in fact, is taking the aim!

Womb to Womb
We journey
not from womb to tomb,
but from womb to womb…Before we arrive
on this earth so lovely and sweet,
mother nurtures us
prepares us in a small world,
seemingly dark, yet that is where
we learn what we shall see,
experience and act
in the big new world!The new world we step into
is another womb too.
Nature nurtures us
and as mother prepares us
to view another world,
a world of wisdom.This truth when it dawns upon us
we realize and see the unseen,
we take another birth.As a tide in sea
we rise and fall,
fall and rise,
or as a sun
at the end of every night we dawn.
Death does not snatch us,
but instead the door to a new world it unlocks!We journey
not from womb to tomb
but from womb to womb..
Dr Kumarendra Mallick is an IIT Kharagpur graduate and a Shanti Swarup 383274_252114538189502_1250167007_nBhatnagar Prize winner in Earth Sciences. He is a scientist by profession and writng is his hobby. He retired from active service on Dec 31, 2001 from National Geophysical Research Institute. At the time of retirement he was holding the post of Scientist (Director’s Grade). Thereafter he was an Emeritus Scientist there for five years. He was a visiting professor at the university of Naples, Italy and a visiting scientist at Univ. of Karlsruhe, Germany. He was also an Associate professor at IIT, Mumbai during 1979-83. He has authored three books on geophysics.Recently in 2009 a book of verses with the title, ‘Letter to an imaginary pen friend and other poems‘ by him has been published.