Dr Ram Sharma

 Life’s Clarion Call

When dawn scatters the golden pearls of life
when night sings the lovely song of love
the consciousness dances in deep blue sky
the light of energy laughs in greenary
then the dreams of life awake
when the dark clouds hover all around
when the sea howls with uncontrolled waves
when the storms come without any direction
then my life`s swan song starts singing
in life`s clarion call

Our Dreams

Our dreams
sometimes dreadful , sometimes pleasant
our dreams
sometimes new , sometimes old
we dream
sometimes in day , sometimes in night
our dreams
sometimes of meeting , sometimes of parting
Even if we are not able to get anything
but we always get our dreams

Dr Ram Sharma is an English Prof. Writer, Poet & Translator10377265_793734793996081_2522138315326551739_n.