Durgesh Verma

The Frozen Blackberry~
“An unknown sadness
& madness prevails.
The heart bereft from
inner peace.

A peculiar prong
spreads on the bushy path.
Which offers violent weapon to a person

and snatches his all artistic means?

On the other hand-

The frozen blackberry
is eagerly awaiting for sunbathe.
Its branch shakes
with wavy wind increase.

So, search the door of calmness
in nature’s lap.
You’ll feel fresh warmth of love
which is itself a masterpiece.”


 An Insect’s Query

“I laugh
I dance
I sing
the songs.

On the soft
green branch
I stand firmly
with four legs.

But an unanswered question is
in my head –
Who says –
I am just an insect?

See my hands are
in pose.
Wings are
half spreaded of course.

My little mind is developing
a new life concept.
Who says –
I am just an insect?

Though, I know
my life is too short.
Yet, I’m filled it
with colorful art.

I live happily
without having any expect.
Who says –
I am just an insect?

I’ve captured
the flowing sands of time
& have mixed it with cement
for a perfect wine.

Wine which may give
a wonderful moment ceaseless.
Who says –
I am just an insect?

Sometimes I’m racing
with the waves
to search the destination
of my self-respect.

My existence in this world isn’t
by mistake.
Who says –
I am just an insect?”



An Identity: All of Me

“Here, I’m talking

All of Me

My name, tale & specialty

not about Thee!


I’m now flowing

with the calm stream of Time

let’s come to share my Jiff

let’s come to share my Rhyme.


You can’t judge Me

through the spectacles of penetrable presence

My inner thought is a little bit different

from the physical appearance.


During past jobs –

I served for Orphans

I too felt glad

to strengthened destitute Women.


I felt their real Pain

in the absence of Identity

I worked to eradicate

their unquenchable thirst, hunger & Poverty.


I am exploring different ways

to intermingle them with mainstream of Society

So they could become self-sufficient

and not be the mere part of Pity.


Introspection of my actions

are my Reality

I will continue it till my last breath

is my Identity.


Let’s sow the seed of Affinity

to preserve Global Humanity

Else, we will be late

to bear Indemnity!”


Let’s Save Our Planet “We are trying to heal pains of our kith & kins. For this, we are nurturing our selfish deeds and are killing naturalistic doctrine. Nature opens an emancipation door which goes to the path of divine. But, a tragic situation we create by which we are relentlessly going behind! Firstly, we are sowing seeds to get ripened fruits & wood. Finally, we are chopping into pieces and are leaving them alone with an incurable wound. Seeing such pathetic plight.The Sun clears its surmise. & expresses genuine reason behind unwillingness of its rise on those planets where such dim darkness of selfishness arise.!!”



Dedicating To Entire Poet Friends

“Though, my wording expressions are not so poetic. Yet, I’m proceeding little steps to refine my confined thoughts. Muse of my mind are made for the sake of mankind.  My fingers are defining their destination through keyboard snapshots. Sometimes I travel in the aroma of violet shade of tales.  Sometimes my path covers with the imaginative crystals of frost. Sometimes the wilderness dislocate my destination.  Sometimes my immense courage finds lost ways in the dirt of past. Hindrance never stops me to freely act. Intentions of intense feelings are my tacit pact. Be a poet before becoming a man. To ignite rhythmic & peaceable tune like a Saint.!!”



Durgesh Verma is a Social Worker in Uttar Pradesh, India. Currently he is working for the State Government Programme- National Health Mission as a Divisional Programme Assistant- Quality Assurance. He has a track record of fund raising and publicity and is a skilled communicator.He has worked with the NGO- ‘SPARSH…TOUCHING LIVES‘, at Varanasi in several fields as a President. Helping to generate placements for older girls in the workforce and helping to give older youths the options for self employment as well as empowering women who are supporting their families by enabling them to access education and skills. He has participated in National workshop on ‘Role of Higher Education in the Development of Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship in India’ which was held in 18th & 19th March, 2016 in Institute of Management Studies, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. He has too participated in ‘Development Dialogue 2016‘ which was held in 19th July, 2016 in Swatantrata Bhawan Auditorium, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. This year, 7 of his compositions are published in USA in Feelings International: A Book of International Artists Vol.2 , 3 of his compositions are published in Canada in Voices of Humanity Volume 2 and a composition is published in Australia in THE AUSTRALIA TIMES POETRY- Volume 4 No.23. A University post graduate, Durgesh post graduated with a degree in Commerce from Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth University, Varanasi.  He speaks Hindi and English and in his spare time enjoys listening to all genres of music, swimming, writing poems in Hindi, Urdu & English, which may help lead to global peace and harmony.”