Ebi Robert


For a subject is a servant of honour,
a speechifier of whatever he serves.
For use has it, the gods’ hour
is spent by bibbers in the grove.

A speechifier of whatever he serves.
But why does Ogidika swallow his own toe?
Is spent by bibbers in the grove,
I mean Ogidiga’s hour is ours.

But why does Ogidiga swallow his own toe?
For use has it the gods’ hour
I mean Ogidiga’s hour is ours,
For a subject is a servant of honour.



What think thou with?
Blue Aurora!
Green merits!
I must warm you.
My heart has blue-prints of passion,
but now in pilgrim of shouldered Viana.
You are in test of a poisoned trial
Which will witch thou, winkling peony.
Art dew devise device dawn-guitar?
Art eve cube Tied up maze?
Blue-eye lass com summing graves
forcing music singing blue?
In thy ways everyday,
Cutting calls aurora blade?
Blaze still, green merit.
My sweet “CESS” incense
down to the bed sweet,
hang withal; Amor sueño on merit
give way; Tengo que darle un dulce (beso) kiss.

Ogidiga is the Python-god of the Nembe Kingdom. The god landed in the Ancient Nembe Kingdom when he and his chief-priest from Isekiri, visited the ancient Kingdom. Prior to his visit, ‘Ekekoru’, the Royal Python, believed to be a harmless and wealthy god, was worshiped and adored by the Ancient Nembe. But when Ogidiga visited and saw his wife, Ekekoru, he settled down and refused a return to Isekiri, where he came from. Henceforth, he became the god of the Nembe Ibe(territory) up to this day. But Ogidiga, also called ‘Opuadagba’, knows no mercy. He is not to be killed by any Nembian, for it is an abomination. Note: Nembe is an Ancient Kingdom of Bayelsa state of Nigeria. The brave King Koko of Africa who fought with the Royal Niger Company(British), was from Nembe. The battle is called the Akassa Raid.

Ebi Robert is a poet from Nigeria. He has contributed to430964_492480850795222_876655076_n
many anthologies, such as Emanation, Foray into Forever edited by Prof Carler Kaplan(USA) of International Authors, Love, A Four Letter word,edited by Raja William of Creative Talents Unleashed(USA), Tribute To Mandela, edited by Mitiu Olawuyi, etc. His works has also been featured in magazines.