Don’t let the fools to judge you

If you are the fool, express yourself as wise

If you are the wise, express yourself as fool


Once you strip down the clothes

You may get naked forever

Despite if you wrap than 1000 meters


Fool is the one who don’t knows he is the fool

Wise is the one who knows he is the wise

In spite majority of fools call him fool


Majority has the right to decide

Fools in majority decides the future of wise

It is like a boat in flood


Appreciation of dominant thought is fruitful

In turn you could be admired by its followers

Weather you accept and believe that it’s not mandatory


Being in foolish company life is at stake

You never know when tables turn

Be ready for coming calamities


Your mind is the key of your performance

You might be safe in storm by flowing with it

You may in danger by struggling against it



Love neutralize you

Love stabilize you

But love makes you dependent too

Hydrogen stabilizes oxygen

Oxygen neutralize hydrogen

But birth of water depends on union of hydrogen and oxygen


You might be weaker

You might be mightier

Fall in love you may alter

In love of power, Alexander won the world

For love of people Jinnah changed the map of the world

Alas love astray, love overthrows


Love breaks the barriers

Love vanishes the boundaries

A touch of love mild and wilds

Love of freedom led the nations to revolt

Love of heaven led the martyrs to sacrifice

Love gives up all pleasures


One in love is one in cyclone

Give them a way or fall with them

As love accepts all the challenges

Love accepts all the challenges




A girl in blue

Gives me a clue

I felt as she is not new

But this deja vu might not true


Her innocent eye makes me to dream

Her baby smile leads me to scream

Her sharp eyes shook my heart

Her soft touch even ends its drought


This girl of mine neighbor

Who is busy in her labour

She is always in a deep thought

Which I always wish to sort


The way the girl dressed

The way her clothes are pressed

Like the sun at noon

Or the full-fledged moon


I often wish to take her in my arm

But afraid as my touch might cause her harm

However by eagerness when I touch

My eyes got opened and the dream just crunch

My eyes got opened and the dream just crunch




Illustrious that moment of nature

When I faced an amazing creature


Astonished by her blonde tress

Just wish to lie under & make them my address


But afraid that devilish smile

Which takes me away from reality mile and mile?


Her eyes compel me towards a beautiful sin

And led me to act as a fish swim in water without fin


Though she got faded & she disappear

Ah her smile moulds me into Shakespeare


The next day I searched her on those roads

Where she left a message of love in scattered codes


Asking ever being about her domicile

No one knows that blonde who lives under the green hill


Utterly despaired I left the village and reach the town

Since after four days a message make me to clown


That blonde neighbour of green hill broke the silence

Asking my village companions about me & our alliance


However in my town a bullet of spy pierce my heart

So can’t meet you my blonde as now I am apart!

As now I am apart!




From decades it is raining

And consciously the sun is blaming


My little feet are thirst to go in green

My tiny eyes wishes to feel that scene


But this woeful rain

Gives me only the pain


Drown my all accompanies

Who too dreamt of lovely journeys?


Ah this rain is really artless

Since it is expected from the heartless


My baby hands can’t make it bound

My baby cries can’t dominate its sound


But this rain takes superfluous care

As sun arise cause it to fear


Thus it confines me in a cell or room

And from long it doesn’t let me to bloom


After this struggle I feel vehement sleep

Though the drowsiness is very much deep


The white blanket and the portal of mother’s lap

Alas! Can’t feel sunny because of immortal gap

Because of immortal gap  .


GOWHAR BASHIR is a student of MAULANA AZAD NATIONAL URDU UNIVERSITY HYDERABAD. mail id : ghaazigowhar@gmail.com.