Harshal Desai

Et Luna, Terra

Oh Luna!

Ever changing with each passing day,

And yet you are a constant, you always stay,

During the day of Kalends when you are out of sight

I see your faint outline in the dark starry night.


Oh Terra!

I’ll be with you through dark and bright

And shine upon your surface, sweet Sol’s light

Our magnetic pulling and tugging, gently slow

As the tides blissfully dance to our adagio


Sweet Luna!

I accept all your faces, dark and light

Promise me amor mea, to kiss me goodnight

Even if one day my oceans have dried

Promise me sweet Luna, stay by my side.


Beloved Terra!

Worry not, with you I will always last,

No matter what, as I have for eons past.

Together forever in our tango of vitality

Our connection is unmatched across galaxies


Just one more day

The moon fades each night

As the days whittle away

I am glad that she is going

And yet I wish she stayed

Stay with me here please, just one more day


And the sun shines bright,

Radiating with her smile

As her eyes pierce my soul

I wish time slowed down for awhile

Stay with me here please, just one more day


Each time she and I play

our new memories, our little moments

I hear the echoes of the clock tick away

Time is my fiercest opponent

Stay with me here please, just one more day


The days whittled away fast

And now it’s time to part.

Her soul will remain in my heart

Even if we are 7500km apart

Come back to me please, just one more day



 Harshal Desai is an artist and journeys through lenses of photography, inks of writing and creating. Having done his post graduation in multimedia design, Harshal is intrigued by realms of nature and anthropomorphism, gaining inspiration from nature, the simpler life, the yearning for individuality and the power of love. His desire for writing stemmed recently from personal experiences and observations of daily life around him. His words and images have been featured in National Geographic, Fine Flu, 805 Lit, The Type Image, and Door is a Jar.You can write him at hersheydesai@gmail.com and see more of his work at https://www.behance.net/harshaldesai