Indrajit Rai


If you choose to dwell on the trees,

You have to share its pain and bliss.

If the woodcutter comes to fell it down,

Scare him away with screams and frowns,

Or lose your nest as the tree loses its crown.


If you choose to dwell by a river,

Avoid meeting it when it rises in shiver.

Rain that comes to disturb its flow,

Infact, boost its liveliness and glow.

You will survive, such secrets if you know.


If you choose to dwell on the sands,

Be ready to bear terror that nature will extend.

Wind and Sun will torment you beyond relief,

And will grow ecstatic by making you grieve.

Here, build your dwelling from sand and live.


Listen to such tale of man living at various place,

Find such places of your life and retain your grace.

And uplift the banner of humanity wherever you dwell,

Be it amidst forest, sands or place where waters swell.

You will earn such a bliss that no seer can foretell.



The holy rhymes when I chant,

My mind is soothed and calmed.

But as I chant your name O’ dame

My heart feels the warmth of soothing flame.


I wonder what charm in your name rests,

That its utterance sanctifies me to my best.

Like the smile of nature that finds its bloom,

When spring conquers the winter’s gloom.


As I hum your name, every melody to it trace

And every freshness swarms around my face,

The space around turns into a glorious sphere,

A joy filled dwelling bereft of every fear.


My voice rejoices with the treasure of your name,

My senses rejoice with the treasure of your fame.

Your name has done me a favour, your favour is solicited.

Allow me to name you mine, my every fear will be forfeited.



I know my goal, I know the course,

And toils to enrich self with the vital force.

But the stream of pleasure that all around flow,

Numbs my wit and forces along the flow to go.


A voice cries at loss of every time and its treasure,

But I fail to move out from the grip of pleasure.

Wearied by these foes that lives in me,

My enterprise falls  like a storm felled tree.


Many comes to my rescue but no hand I seek,

For I have fallen prey to addictions that tweak.

Drenched in the rain of worthless joy and delight,

I am losing the perennial source of bliss and bright.


Enough I had gained from years of stress and strain,

But lost much within months of deeds that my purpose did drain.

I struggle to stand and walk but the path is out of sight.

Help me to find path of my goal before I lose all my might.




The day my ill-wishes gained might,

And flourished into habits that blight,

My mortal frame became its realm,

And habits reigned it like power supreme.

Drinking, gambling, few more so cheap,

Enslaved me with their addictive whip.

It fed on my virtues and bred vices,

Forcing me into fatal and moral crisis,

Strange, the emperor of domain strengthens,

While the domain suffers famine and weakens.

But weakens not my will to live with these habits ,

And conquer the weakness my strengths that bleeds.

I wonder what charms me that weaknesses I seek.

When every source of strength my hands can pick.




 When beneficiaries treats benefactor like a foe,

Denial and rebellion from benefactor is bound to follow.

O’ humans, you have plundered the earth ruthlessly,

Like tyrants that plunder their defeated foe mercilessly.

Drought and flood, quake and cloud burst;

Avalanche, chill, warming, undue fog and frost.

All are just uprising of nature against your ill ways.

If rebelled, you will lose existence beyond trace.

Enough of freedom the earth gives to fill your needs.

But your greed for more has given birth to your unmindful deeds.

Shrinking of the green screen, soiling of water and air

Forces snow to leave its home and for the sea to fare.

Restrain your deeds that gives pains to nature,

Or you will lose everything in near future.



Indrajit Rai, a warrior by profession and a poet by passion. Having Indrajit Raiintermediate in Science in his educational citadel, he is striving hard to be a renowned personality in the world of words and rhymes.  He is always busy exploring his potential, extracting the positive ones and irrigating the weak ones.