Jaydeep Sarangi

Who is My Master?

What language should I speak?
All possibilities are wide open
Like open market for trade.
I move between
The language of the poet
And the translator,
Reason and effect
As if one will die without the other.
Someone told me when I was a tinny boy
Forgotten her name
May be a shadow
“Language is a master.”
I didn’t understand
I was too small.
Now the sky is clear to me
I see things through its language
I read my master through his code.
A coat made on the banks of the river Thames
Is not that will be living for ever.
Small sprouts are visible on the banks of the Ganges
And near the banks of the Yellow river.
We are holding willow branches. My old master
Is to leave behind his earthly abode soon.

A Doorway near Vistula

Someone told me near the river Vistula
A ruler of the tribe of Lechitians
Prepared a stone
A door of a city.
I embrace my loving water
Stories between the stars.

Each stone scripted stories
Of the Wawel Hill
Wisla murmurs its recorded silence.
When I pass through the Basztowa Street
My mind connects with a sovereign nation.
My friends remind me how they are connected
With my Sindhu land. They visit the Ganges basin
By walking pass Vistula
When unknown birds twitter. Heavy hearts cry for their families.
Rivers carry water
Channel minds; roots of civil societies,
Rice civilisation.
All bridges are doors
From separate lenses. All hearts are red.

Jaydeep Sarangi , is a bilingual writer, academic, editor, translator, academic 555505_10202387193540256_1611804666_nadministrator and the author of a number of significant publications on Postcolonial issues, Indian Writing in English and Australian Literature in reputed journals/magazines in India and abroad. His important books of poems include ‘From Dulung to Beas’(2012),‘Silent Days’(2013), ‘A DoorSomewhere?’ (2014) and ‘The Wall and Other Poems’(2015).Jaydeep Sarangi teaches English at Jogesh Chandra Chaudhuri College (Calcutta University), 30,Prince Anwar Shah Road, Kolkata-700033, WB, India. Email: jaydeepsarangi@gmail.com