Md. Shahbaz Khan


Burning and burning in my world of dreams

Only tears in eyes and pain in heart, unfair it seems.

Love my religion and devotion

No sense, no fear, I lost my motion.

A Goddess rules, veiled behind hair of black night.

O Muse! Give me your charm, love my soul’s appetite.

I can’t reach her, no power I have.

But I saw her sparkled enchanted eyes

Peeping behind the veil at me.

O horror! Horror! Came a mishap,

No eyes, but prevailing darkness.

Rain comes in heart and goes,

Eyes start raining, and heart beating…..

Md. Shahbaz Khan was born in Bhagalpur. He is a Master of Arts in English 63772_896495343708320_247409789222337545_nand currently pursuing his Research from Tilkamanjhi Bhagalpur University. He possesses the ability of anchoring, singing and social work. He has also composed poems in English Language. His poem ‘New Year’ was published by the year 2011 in Contemporary Vibes (January Edition) and his poems got place in Mr. Brian Wrixon’s Anthology‘Words on the Winds of Change’, ‘On the Words of Love’, ‘A Poet’s View of Being’ and very recently in ‘Inklinks’ along with famous writers of the World and again in the Brian Wrixon’s Anthology ‘In Our Own Words’ and in two Indian Anthologies of English poems ‘Imagination’ ‘Moods and Moments: (Soul Reflections Of Loving Hearts)’. His short story ‘Black Night’ also got a place in Very recently he has authored a collection of Hindi poems entitled “SAMARPAN” in which his poetic mood can be understood.