Mithlesh Kumar Chaudhari,

On Marriage Table the Funeral Food

Hamlet and his royal pain Nursed by his uncle’s reign.
Devilish Claudius’ incestuous flame Kills King Hamlet in a garden-game.
Uncle’s aim at his brother’s wife Mar his master for incestuous life.
On the marriage table the funeral food Used by Claudius with cunning mood.
Husband’s killer with wife’s consent Moves to arrange new marriage tent.
Philosophical attempts of convince Shows her son her incestuous sins.
A brother’s incest for his brother’s wife Bloody brother takes gentle brother’s life.
Hamlet like an orphan son Burns in sin for retaliation.
The feigned madness in search of guilty Strengthens Hamlet’s revengeful duty.
He arranged fratricide play within play To know the guilty by smooth display.
Trembling tears in guilty eyes Culprits like sound, sink and rise.
Claudius’ sealed heinous order Fails to reach Hamlet’s border.
Hamlet’s life in Claudius’ mind Robs the peace of Claudius’ mind.
Mother of Hamlet namely Gertrude Keeps heinous heart, wickedly rude.
The poisoned cup intended for son Poisoned Gertrude as a serious fun.

The Delicate Land
I drowned my heart in her love Who made my heart like desert land; Closing door of my beloved’s love Trembled my whole heartland.
My heart swims in the river of love Like a veteran swimmer in her eyes; She asked her wishes to race in love And love opened her heart and eyes.
My travelling reveries in her love Spoke to the heart again to remain; Deeply drowned heart sighed in love ‘Oh! I swim no more in stormy rain!’
My drowned heart with floating feelings thinks besides the delicate land May these hearts in the country of love enjoy true love with folded hand!

Do My Heart You Like No More!
Kill me, hate me, I am ready, Loving I cannot stop my lady.
Cupid like I worship thee.
Can mortality of thy loathing Discourage my Love in solitude?
My heart that runs blood for me From thy mercy it runs whole night.
I am too badly torn. My heart alone sighs forlorn!
Do my heart you like no more!
Tell me: How I sink in thee?
Now I must not travel more. Keep my heart without a door.
My heart for thee weeps and roars.
O Heart! You pine for a spoonful pleasure. O! Ungracious heart! Suffer for treasure.
Let me remove The blinkers of forgetfulness.
Has ever Love buried a lively heart?
Forgiving is the marvellous sign of love Like sunlight it sharpens the winter-labour.
Don’t measure my love in cups of time. Let us drink together Love in the cups of lips for heavenly joy.
Our hearts may travel more than us In search of love without sunlight.
Let us feel together in silence The presence of Love from eye to eye and heart to heart.


Dr. Mithlesh Kumar Chaudhari, (Ph.D. & N.E.T.), is working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of English, G.L.A. University, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA. He has several years of research and teaching experience. He is currently teaching the courses on communication skills and soft skills in the university, and has published several articles on Indian English drama and Third Gender. These two poems are taken from the first unpublished volume entitled The Brainchild and Other Poems that contains fifty four poems. Many poems have already been published in Peer Reviewed International journals.
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