Moinak Dutta


You talk of cherry orchard
Jazz and your God Father,
And how just being merry
You colored your auburn hair
Turning it more of a flame
Which never ever dies,
You talk of your marriage
With a beautiful autumn sky,
Your wardrobe is filled with
Garments never worn
You carry red shoes
Like berries to your home,
And your window has
A view of a maple tree
From there you claim
You can see me easily,
And I here sit under
A cloudless sky so blue
From here I get the scent
Of thistle and you,
You talk of New Orleans
How there sun rises too
You talk of silvery eyes
with which moon loves you,
And perhaps of that tavern
Where comes the friday night
Filled with renaissance songs
Mary from wall watching you quiet,
I think of temple gongs
How sombre they feel
I think of going with you
To an unknown pleasant hill,
There we would oneday sure
Forgetting all boundaries
Make a garden filled
With oranges and blue berries.


 An afternoon saga

how do they feel whence thy hands thou lay?’
She asked me one afternoon , seizing the day
As it was slowly gliding down her nape, her breasts,
There the slanted light was taking a sleepy rest,
As rest on the meadows green flowers taking sun beams,
Taking dew too as they make a descend slow
Her hair found I how on her shoulders did flow
Cascading , rippling thing, brown and tantalising,
Somewhere there had been an absorbing scene
Of a green valley decked by seasonal flowers wild
Somewhere there the heavenly painter drew like a child
With curious strokes of brush , meadows quite lush
And I seeing all that was just about to gush
Forth all that was coming to my throat,
Songs of communion, songs of boat,
And other things, like a portion of the Holy Book
Bible was all in my hands I took,
And she poured wine red red in the glass
Seizing the day , I thought time’s chariot shouldn’t pass
Such an afternoon of winter, young and green
Such wonderous painted calming a scene.


 3. Samson and Delilah

At the Valley of Sorek whence
Samson first Delilah saw
He had perhaps that pervading sense
Of love within him growing raw
So he sought love from her
The maiden with wonderous looks
Eyes that could pull him near;
He pledged his heart to her
In lieu she asked what could make
Samson such a valiant warrior
And he , being what he was
Without doubting made the mistake
He told her if could someone his hair
Cut and take those strands away
All of his strength would just disappear;
Hearing this Delilah made a pact
Betraying love that was sacrosanct
She took Samson to the bait
Luring him upon her lap to meet his fate,
And how awful had been that sight
To find Samson losing the fight
Like a child as he dozed off
Upon the lap of his lady love.


4. Seagull and the morn
‘My cherub art thou!’
Saying this the Seagull took a flight
Over the sea blue that glittered in morn’s light,
I just looked at her so going away
Through the sea breeze finding her way
Beautiful as she looked white and winged
How she to dreams of unknown lands me sent,
Her soaring to see was itself an act of joy
Seagull bright as she spread her wings! Ahoy!
I yelled at her , clapping hands like a friend,
Seeing her so wonderous , taking turns and bends,
Cutting through the air, with ease, so elegant
O how I wished to go with her to her land,
And the Seagull perhaps knew my heart too
For out of the sky white and so blue
She swooped down fast before me,
(Afterall called me she a cherub, hadn’t she?)
And taking a round around my enchanted state
She flew up, up happy and straight,
Till could I see her no more
Morning whence touched me pure
With her light, her mirth, her beauty so,
O how I stood by the sea, watching The Seagull’s glow.


5. It must have been an Ordinary Day

It must have been an Ordinary Day
And you might just say
It is always good to get
The smell of coffee waking up late
We got no need to argue
We can always bury the hatchet
And sing songs true
To the faithful departed,
It must have been an ordinary day
And you might just say
It is always good to get the hair cut
Making it pixie kind, buzzed, smart,
We got no need to please us
We can always sing a song
And make it quite melodious
Just to make our days wait for you long.

( * written by poet as a tribute to Dolores O’ Riordan of Cranberries. ‘ Ordinary Day’ is her  first single.)



Moinak Dutta, born on 5th September, 1977 to an immigrant family, he has been writing poems and stories from school days.Done postgraduation in English. Presently engaged as a teacher of English.Many of his poems and stories are published in national and international anthologies and magazines.Written reviews of books and fictions, one on Upanisads can be found at His debut fiction ‘Pestilence’ was published in 2009. He had signed an agreement with a publishing house in October,2012for the publication of his second english literary fiction ‘Online@Offline’. The fiction had been published in 2014, January by Lifi Publications.His third fiction titled ‘ In search of la radice’ is published in August 2017 by Xpress Publications.
Blogs regularly at .Interested in photography, films and music.