Moloy Bhattacharya

The Butcher’s Operation

He kills them one by one
So cheaply with his cruel hands
It is his daily job, the butcher.
From the cote are dragged poor chickens
Abruptly in their dozing the lucky ones
Sense the flapping of wings
May the victims rest in peace.
Spares none his bloody scalpel
The meek birds find nothing
But the hands strong and scary
Cuddling they groan as in prayer
To save their flesh sliced with cheer.
Fast is he in this hunting job
Neatly to satisfy the waiting eyes
Eagerly mob him for share
So many deaths, none seems to care….
Lament Of A Departed Soul

The road ends here, I am blessed now
Blessed to have an eternal sleep
I have nothing to lose now, a spirit
Stays far from the madding crowd
In the holy abode of God.

You can’t reach me, never touch me
You ruin me, you traitor in friendly attire
Your hungry beasts grab me
Pounce on me, strip me, tear me

I parried the carnal glances, scary eyes
I was hunted, to brute forces, a prey
I got a lesson, a lesson to remember
The pain I felt was too much to bear
You raised no voice, nobody there to hear
My lone agony, my groan, my despair

You could have saved me, you are human
You are social, you are equal, a myth
Shattered. No, no, you kill me not, I flee
From you, you are insane, you are polluted
You breed leopards to slay the lambs.
Even beasts spare their clan.

Humanity long deserted you, but you are you
You hug brutality, such is your mentality
Time would make me past, I am a past.
Was I born to pass away so young?
Had I a disease, did meet accident?
Do you have words to justify my end?
Was I alien to you?

But you were reticent to my plight.
You drove me out- my family, my kin
My home that moulded me are to lament.
Mother earth is plagued with human germs.
You ignore the organ that badly harms.

My dream, my future, cry in vain
Could you bring me back to earth again?
Pangs of Separation

The weather is foul today
As if they sense the agony
Of separation from a group
Which was more than a family
With love and respect they passed
So many months together.
One by one now they return
To their home, to parents
Leaving the place for ever
Came to study for a rosy future.
They would never be back again
But the sweet memories they left
Would speak for themselves.
All looked tensed and sapped
Gazed with teary eyes still
United in minds they are
Only separated by distance
Meaningless is life in their absence.
The row of rooms stand in silence
To moan the exodus of its occupants
They are the trainees of B.Ed
With us a sweet relation they made
Saltora was a new place to them
Now a bright career what they aim.
The hostel looks like an empty vessel
That tells a melancholy tale
As strangers they arrived to stay once
Then with us grew their relation fast
Now in deep core of my heart I feel in plenty
Life is tasteless without its human beauty…

Moloy Bhattacharya(1982) was born in a small village near Burdwan 525172_326421347460224_28744701_n(Barddhaman) town of West Bengal.He did his graduation in Eng(Hons) from Gushkara College, then went on to complete M.A in English and Journalism & Mass Communication from Burdwan University.He also did B.Ed and M.Phil from the same University. At present, he teaches in a state govt aided high school as Post Graduate Assistant Teacher in English recruited by West Bengal School Service Commission. Writing poems on various social issues is his hobby and passion.He posts his poems to various groups/communities for the feedback and criticisms that he thinks would help and make him stronger as a poet.