Monika Arora Narang

Story Of A Bamboo Tree

My master planted me and fern , both together

He gave us light, he gave us water


The Fern quickly grew from the land

But I laid still, inside the sand


Soon the earth was covered with its green

And nothing came out from my seed


I felt so humiliated , at seeing its grace

Although no sign of stress on master’s face


Years pass by fern grew plenty and vibrant

No! there was no progress at my end



Finally! As the fifth year began

A tiny sprout emerged from within


Six months passed and I rose 100 feet above the ground

No wonder , I was the tallest among all around


Today I knew my worth , So tall I stood

While I was struggling , “HE” was working on my roots


Those roots made me strong all this while

And were actually giving me strength to survive


The only reason that my master never quit on me

Because he knew my talent, that I did not see


“Raise as high as you can” He smiled at my face

God never give any of his creation a challenge , it cant take.


Monika Arora Narang, she believes “Words are a living thing and People know us through our words. It’s our words itself that bring them close to us or draw them.