Mousumi Ghosh

When did she hear last the sound of chirping birds ?
Was it when the sky was last seen blue ?
Or was it when the ocean danced in different palettes of hue?
May be when the Spring was unfurling the coat of snow,
Or may be in the warmth of the Autumn glow.
She heard last the sound of the chirping birds
When Juniper was laid to rest ,
To light atop the tallest mast.
He loved her for being the mother ,
She could never have been .
He loved her for being the wife
She never was …..
He loved her for being the lover…
Which she had acted so fine.
He loved her for being the friend,
When a foe was even better .
He had never loved her ……
For being what she was,
He had never loved her for being a human,
Made of flesh and blood.
She looks intently at the mirror,
What do those eyes tell her?
Do they whisper the hundreds of thousand desires?
Or they speak of the latent passion, which is
Nothing but despair.
As the blue sky seeks solace from the burnt of the dazzling sun ,
By drowning all its colours…
In the vast endless ocean.
She too tries to escape the burning heat of passion ,
By drenching her parched soul ,
In his eyes deep with the color of adoration.
Meanwhile the gramaphone plays
‘kosish karke dekhle…daria sari….nadia sari
Mousumi Ghosh, works as a Senior Administrator in a reputed school located in Kolkata, West Bengal, India.She started writing poetries in English from a very young age and has her own blog .Her love for poetry and her passion for writing has led some of her poetries published in local magazines, e-magazines in India and abroad.