Nitin Soni

To Remember

 I’ll tell you something committed to my memory

Something known for novelty and humanity


A dirt-free road in the month of June, I remember

The streets of New Delhi and the busy life of

Connaught place inner circle,

And red-green light of traffic signal, I remember…


An old American woman in a blue shawl with a camera in her right hand…

Grinning with glee – she gives a hundred rupee note to a

small innocent beggar

I remember…


I remember the bunch of beggars she captured in a camera

They followed her till she entered the Madras coffee house

Waving her hands and gesturing ‘goodbye!”

I remember…


It seemed a familiar scenario

The red signal welcomes the same beggars to beg

I remember; some of them were not more than six-years-old

And two or three children were newly born…


I walked on, silently, down the scorching road, and

I remember

How the old man pulled down the window of his car

Flipped one rupee coin, and asked an innocent beggar to depart


I remember I called out to the beggar twice…

She did not hear my first call, then

When I called out to her a second time…


“Do you like chocolate and ice cream?”

I remember her answer, “Anything that makes my stomach happy.”

I took her to a nearby restaurant

And asked the manager to feed her like a queen!

I remember her smiling face…


All I can remember the next day when

I visited the place again

She, Sonam, wearing a muddy frock and begging with an empty plate


I remember I clicked a picture of her from far

Tears began rolling down and I wished to leave…

The silence of the road being more dangerous than

the silence of war


That’s all I can remember!

That’s all I want to remember!



In Naked Silence, Naked Reality!


My heart sobs every time I see him struggle

In the middle-of-the-road he slows down …

His soul rebels against the cycle of life

Destiny has again embarked upon time!


He looks back


To his past…memories, affection, wickedness

Deeds and perfection!

The work he has done

Sometimes brought a glimpse of joy

Or there was deep sorrow which mocked the state of happiness…

And vanished after saying– goodbye!


He fights back standing on his knee

Chuckling and admiring the path of glory

His history drags him to life again

This time he wakes up …

Since ages he had lain in his grave


His soul weeps in this moment of time

Each second makes him remember

He could have lived more

If he hadn’t cheated on values, morals

The dear ones he was meant to support.


He howls like an infant

He looks back

To where there is no path, no glory

Trees are lamenting the separation of leaves

Bricks have turned black

Human shadows have gone insane

Some animals are seen making loving to each other in the garden

Loved ones are not to be found…

All looked chaotic while he was there…

The time has won the award of “Past Life”

In naked silence, naked reality!


My heart sobs every time I remember his past

In the middle-of-the-road, he was gifted to a grave

His soul rebelled against the cycle of life

As always, destiny has embarked upon time!


Even She

Even that whore

Wanted to move on

But couldn’t…!

As soon as she made an attempt to flee away,

She saw a bunch of people looking at her with stones in hand, and condoms at the edge of their lustful lips!


She lost a lot

Sold out everything

Turned into a blockbuster

But couldn’t cut the chocolate cake…


She desperately wanted

To move on…

For a higher salary

Among those who know!


A few hours later,

Another God disguised as customer Bolted the wooden door from inside With a fresh smile and wrinkled face!


She realized in next five minutes

That she can only move up and down…


Nitin Soni   Known as ‘The Curly Poet’ and honoured with the title of ‘Most Popular’ at Delhi niUniversity where he studied English literature, Nitin Soni is a poet, storyteller, script writer & social activist whose writings have appeared in many national and international publications. The Broken Boat, his maiden poetry book, reached the number 1 position on Amazon India within a few weeks of its release. Nitin lives in New Delhi, and he can be contacted at