Nivedita Dinkar



My Crawling days

My thirst

To become closer to you

Has increased.



My school days

My love

To become your shadow

Has expanded.



My career days

My regard

To Understand the meaning of time

Has escalated.



My Motherhood days

My worship

Towards You

Has taken leap.



You are an angel.

My Positivity.

My Guide

My Unbreakable Bond

My Teacher

My Mother.


 “The Marks”

When I see the marks …


The permanent marks…

The permanent burn marks…


On my fingers

On my arms

On my wrists

On my breasts

On my thighs

On my toes


On my soul


I calculate the weightage …


Is equal

To mental

Is equal

To Spiritual …


That is,

I gather the rhymes and rhythm

Of life



I become more powerful!!


“No Optical Illusion”

I am a little girl

In my mother’s womb


I laugh


I chirp




I sob,




My Mother Sob

For hours…


My Romance with Kolkata

Fondly remember all,

The waiting,

The believing,

The packing,

The shopping,

The excitement of Summer,

The essentials of Vacation,

The meaning of joy,

The Kolkata nostalgia!!


The spread of Howrah bridge,

The jam trams,

The handpulled rickshaws,


The Sardarji driven yellow cabs…

The narrow gullies,


The archetypal interiors,

My joy,

The city of Joy!!


The openness,

The straight-forwardness,

The leisurely chat in “rock”s

Over Cricket, Football, Carrom…

The adda culture,


The kolkata Pustak Mela.

The soaking voice of Rabindra sangeet,

Or The revolutionary Nazrul geeti…

The tradition of Jatra,

The Roshogolla,

The Mishti doi,

The Sandesh


The Durgotsav…

My sentiments with Kolkata

My romance with Kolkata


Is my diaspora!



Nivedita Dinkar  is a M.Phil in Sociology with Master’s in BusinessNivedita Pic Management and English literature. The experience of more than 18 years in Multinationals, Hotspitality, Education Industry has taught her professionalism, positive attitude, dedication, devotion, leadership and given her reputation, fame and satisfaction.Nivedita is a bilingual writer whose Hindi & English Poems has been published in various magazines & Newspaper. Also Six Anthologies on Hindi Poems and Two English Poem Anhologies is published too.Currently she is sharing her hands with her husband as Chief Operations Officer in their Environment Consultancy Firm.She is an avid traveler and a sensitive thinker which is why penning down her thoughts has become her passion and an utter requirement.