Pijush Kanti Deb

Avatar and the Painting
Avatar may be a God or an angel,
feels good in recycling himself
in the name of reformation and renovation
yet present gives neither
false coloring to the faded painting nor
falls out with the so-called painter
and the clotted layers of time on the painting.

The painting, on the old canvas of history,
painted quite magnificently and beautifully
with mysterious skill,
went a long way in winning
the eyes, heart and soul of the universe
during each and every revolution of the sun.

Alas! Present looks quite blank and blue,
exhales its grief for the dying painting
and the well- knitted dream is flown away.
Nevertheless, every sun-rise waits for an Avatar,
at any moment ,
from the other side of the sun
He may appear with a thorny broom in His hand.
keep sweeping the dirty painting on and on
until the old beauty comes back to the painting.
Maybe, blood-shedding and hustle and bustle-
the side effects of sweeping,
tremble the body, mind and soul of witnessing present.

Something more
Addition of something more and more-
pulls instantly tongue out of mouth,
protrudes eyes like ghosts
and compels to respire so wildly
that makes ashamed even a dog- a pet or wild.

Feeble are trampled in hustle
and piled into a stack to reach to the abundance,
friends are cheated in sabotage
and circumscribed by the cobweb of bankruptcy,
rivals are killed in conflict
and their powers are tarnished as well
and God fearing goes under the devil
to worship and gain something more in return.

It flies smokes and greed up and up
with sharp nails of carbon and desires,
the ozone-layer and heart get pinched and leaked,
drives away oxygen and heart
from the body of ozone-layer and mankind,
thus, may bring about the end of the homosapian.

Pijush Kanti Deb Associate Professor in Economics.11351449_1441008272867040_5437331976934894392_n
More than 140 poems and haiku are accepted or published by Indian and international publishers since June 2013,.They are,Tajmahal review, Camel Saloon Blog Spot, E-pao.Net, Dead Snake Blog Spot, Down in the Dirt, Poetic Monthly Magazine, Poems and Poetry Blog Spot, Poetry 24 Blog Spot, Long Story Short , Gean Tree Haiku Journal, My Word Wizard, and A Handful of Stones , Kalkion, ,Verse Engine ,The Apple Tree ,High Coupe , Madswril,Whisper, Mel Brake Press, The Voice Project ,Vox poetica, Kritya, Criterion,Calvary Cross . Muse India ,Busting and Droning Magazine, Pennine Ink , The Artistic Muse,Guwahatian , Shayari.mobi, Galaxy International and Sentinel