Poornima Laxmeshwar

What do I name this?

Two law abiding citizens
Two bodies, two lives; intertwined stories
Where the love of one flows into another
In breaths, in kisses under the soft skies of a late evening
But then
Two faiths also divide them
While the pub “Sherlock Homes” keeps them amused
The emptying draught beers
Speaks in pints, in tongues so twisted
That the windows portray a green marriage registrar’s office
In black and bold, ever-so-inviting on Coles Road
Displaying illusions of a forever happiness

The quilt of darkness overshadows
The warmth demands an assurance
And they hunt down a hotel with faux leather sofas
Wooden flooring, promising privacy, screaming some good times

“What can they tell about my faith from the name?”
Murmurs the atheist of the two
While the hotel owner looks upon them with holy eyes
Beams chastity; seeks identities
Refuses bluntly
Because their religions don’t match when pronounced
Even with a deft diction

Two law abiding consenting citizens
Paying the taxes on-time every year
Fail to claim their meagre share of love
In the name of law and order
By now, the beer is ready to leak.



A god in every stone

Who says clouds are weightless
Ask my heart awaiting the rains
I feel like a land of drought
Seeking an embrace – year after year
I did pray in the Mahamaya temple at the village
They insisted on it
Remember the two stones at the entrance
Smudged with haldi, kumkum and oil
They said if I could lift both of them together
All my wishes would be fulfilled
But I was either scared to discover to unravel the secret
Or unsure about what the time held in its closed palms
I left the wish burn within me
Like the lamp I lit in your name
And as I took leave of the goddess
Standing in emerald saree with a pink nathani glowing
On her face, with eyes full of rage
I found that my shoes were missing
Just like you went away
Without even a hint.


Poornima Laxmeshwar resides in the garden city Bangalore and works as a content writer for a living.