Poulami Kar

Wings of Wind

The wings of water cuts through the air,
Does the air get drenched?
Maybe it does…..
The water was pure,cold yet gave the warmth ;
Was the wind calming down?
Perhaps it was……the defending wings of the wind..
Was just born.
Water gave the wind the wings….
The free wings to fly away,
And there was blood in the water,
There was strength in the earth,
The earth always responded to the call of air,
It never let the air getting chaotic.
There was a protector in the grey stroam,
Making the wings of wind stronger.
There was a brightness in lightening,
Which enlightened the air….
And there were fireworks….
The wind never noticed how deep the blood of the water was.
But that blood cut the wind,
Made her wings lovely red.
And the wind flies…..
It never stopped…..
The story of an ancient metaphysics,
Kept on living inside them….
Forever ….forever ….and
Binary Star
Did u ever notice
The vanishing binary star?
It was always before you,
Even for some days
The dopplar shift
Wasn’t seen in it.
Although it was a ‘BINARY’ star.
You never saw,never set your telescope to find its exact position, Neither you tried to see whether it was gonna blast.
It was ignored ,
By you…
No…by everyone;
And that external force of negligence
Made it going away from
The place it belonged.
Forcing it to make its ‘Red shift’ stronger.
The star usually used to make ‘Blue shift’,
Intending to get close to others;
But,in the end,
The Red Shift ruled her,
Across the Galaxy of
Pretty stars.
But did the galaxy got even
A lil scarlet for her ‘Red Shift’?
No…it wasn’t,
Until she blasted into
A Super Nova ;
Creating a blackhole ,
Generating quantum gravity;
Which made the positions of the other living stars
The first super nova of the galaxy she was,
Still keeping the hissing sound of the blast,
Allover the universe;
Merging with the sound of
Big Bang,
She is still living
In that sound,
In the scar she created in the chest of
The elixir you tasted ,
The blood you sipped,
The tears you shed,
The oceans you ruled,
Still remains the same.
The ‘Glass of elixir’ is still unbroken.
The ‘wound of blood’is still unhealed.
The ‘tears of wild’ are still unsoaked.
The ‘waves of oceans’ are still running wild.
The ripples of rhythm follows my shadow,
In a black and white room,
There was only one ‘polaris’still shining,
Still talking about hope.
A blazing star winding me up in its stardusts,
A burning star creating supernova in me.
And there was a ‘Nabula’
With an unnatural color.
I mistook it for grey,
But it actually was cyan.
The cyan that made my black and white room colorful,
Where the pink butterflies flapped its ‘wings’,
And the stars of my world were ‘reborn’..
With the only hope of a ‘cyanic’ father.
And finally I smiled with all those tears I shaded,
When I looked at
The unbroken glass
Of Elixir
The unhealed wound
Of blood
The rolling down tears
Of wild
A smiling face with a warm hand ,
Approaching me ….
Saying ,
“All I ever wanted was you to smile from the heart”.
Sand Watch
Sand watch of life..
Transverse it was,
That’s where Heisenberg’s rule
Has fallen apart…
The duality of momentum and position of life….
No….they can’t follow matrix mechanics.
One should be chosen,
To beat the other.
One should be beaten,
To gain another.
One should be fallen
To save the other.
One must be blamed
To lighten the other up…
I never denied with your basic principles,
Where you failed to apply
The wavicle nature of mind.
I have never compromised with tough situations ,
Where u failed to see the uncertainity principle.
Yet indeed you made me bleed
With the piercing sting of yours.
Like a giant larva
You drained up my blood
I can never forgive you for what you did me.
Can’t I punish you?
I think I can…
Before it’s too late….
Let me end your ridiculous journey.

Poulami Kar  is a student of Physics.Her interests are story books and music tribal eye.She has hobbies of writing poems and also she is interested to find the link of higher physics with the Ved, the Bible.She also takes interest in studying alchemy.