prahallad satpathy


Seen today a lone sparrow in the courtyard of my heart
A lone star all that I can see at the night’s sky

A lone word all that I pine for
A lone world all that I have
I want you to communicate with me in any language
May we talk the way talk blades of grass while sprouting
May we talk the way talk flowers
While petaling

I can’t sleep the way sleep the national highway
Letting all the trucks running over
At best I may allow some stray dogs scratching my skin while fighting for a  few bones

But no to wound that oozes blood and always cry for beautiful eyes !

I love the language of poetry
The hiss hiss sound of words
That silently bites my heart
I love her hood
I love the language of silence!
I do talk to the tree, her serpentine limbs ladden with leaves of hope
And flowers of prayer !
Love the clouds the way eclipse the  stars
Love your eyes enveloping my being
I love the language of darkness
Those silences that slay me

I have seen the night crawling towards me
I have seen stars shouting against me
I have seen the sky devouring me

What else a earth like me can do other than shouting aloud ?
When silence breaks
Words too break shackles
Fences do assemble
River changes course
Birds of eyes flutter wings
And a seed germinate giving birth to seedlings!

And the earth in me write the poetry of protest against all those gigantic skies eyeing at me! !

Dr.prahallad satpathy who hails from Balangir district of odisha (india) is a bilingual poet.He writes both in odia and English. So far he has published three anthology of poetry in odia to his credit.His poems have been published in national anthology like Scaling heights and international anthology like GLOBAL ANTHOLOGY ON PEACE AND HARMONY, HAPPY ISLE, FEELINGS INTERNATIONAL, CHANTING FOR PEACE AND OTHER E-MAGAZINE.By profession Dr.satpathy is a Reader in economics, at present serving in Rajendra autonomous college, balangir (odisha). He has represented odisha sahitya academy , as honorary member for two consecutive terms.