Purnojit Haldar

Many days later

Many days later
You and I
Under the chestnut tree
Not bound by memories
We had together
But free

You, with old and grey
And wrinkled pages,
Engravings of blue and black
Across the margins
I, the encrypted scribe of those words
Repeated and repeated,
Written, rewritten
Will collapse down
On the same ground
And turn into soil together
Where you and I
My memory and my body
Will dissolute
Under the chestnut tree
Where the bodily form do not matter
Where all longings and belongings
Fret and fears of yesterday
Will cease
Where the fatal disease of relationship
Will grow weeds on its fertile grave
Into that Nirvana
You and I
Should join
Under the chestnut tree
To turn into tiny ingredients
And look up into the sky


If you say tomorrow
tomorrow is another day
Tomorrow I may not be happy
with eyebags even bigger
Tomorrow the walls form Cracks
and death creeps in like a spider unnoticed
Tomorrow there will be more people
burning on the pyre
and I’ll follow them,
maybe as a bearer of the corpses
or maybe dead just like them
you say
one more round of whiskey
But my throat is dry
my hands losing its stability
And the malicious spider
down into my throat
like a cancer there
Tomorrow may not be a happy day
If you say tomorrow
Tomorrow can be the darkest day with rains
your eyes cannot look at me
There shan’t be songs like this
only Crows combing their hair
and waiting for a lump of flesh from my body
Only the heat is too strong
too much if I was alive
Tomorrow is another day
tomorrow I may
as well be a man long gone

Purnojit Haldar is a research scholar ,poet &story writer.21248_347981535325105_167299805_n