Ra Sh

An undertaker loses his phone

I know of a mass grave

Where cell phones

Go to die.

One day you may lose one.

Don’t look for it.

It has buried itself.


Near the swamp

Where the secret grave is

The cell phones come out

To play in the night.

Millions of fireflies

Million iridescent organisms

Million beeps.

Million ring tones

Million languages.


Some wriggle some fly

Some sing some sob.


They come alive

When their loved ones

Call out to them.


Because love reaches them

Only underground.





All his mirrors were women.

They displayed him with breasts

And vaginas and flesh buds.


He approached a blue lake

To see his male splendor.

His cock-a-doodle-do.

His rippling muscles.

His all knowing gaze

Commanding brow.

The lake called him `Sister!’

And drowned him

In an incestuous

Sororal whirl.


Ra Sh‘s poems in English have been published in national andRash Column Col international online and print mags. Fifteen poems appear in an anthology ‘A Strange Place Other than Earlobes’. Translations in English have been published by reputed publishers. Helped RædLeafPoetry-India in publishing translations of thirty seven Malayali poets in 2015. Published his collection of poems Architecture of Flesh in Dec 2015.