Rahul Ahuja

Figments of Monsoon

The tempestuous rains
slashes upon the windows
of my sub-consciousness

The paper boats float in
puddles, carved on the
wet lanes of my dreams

The ethereal air fills
my arid lungs with
a tinge of petrichor

The parched longings
keep vanishing with
the hazy mirage
of my drunken desert

The hankering figments
burns bright and dissipates
within the chimera
of the delirious night
My Heart Aches

I tread upon the figments
of Howrah Bridge
Imagine Tagore crooning
his ageless songs
Dip the parched words in the
holy Ganges of my thoughts
Post letters to nowhere
through The General Post Office
Roam in the imagery streets,
inhaling the saccharine aroma
Hear the chants of ‘Durga’
within the alleys of my solitude
Ah, I have never been to
Calcutta and my heart aches
I crave to break the wall of
illusion and transcend into reality.


Rahul Ahuja is a poet hailing from Surat located in Gujarat. He feels that ahupoetry is a fortuitous journey. His poems have been published in several national and international anthologies. He won the “Poiesis Award” for the third place in the 4th Rabindranath Tagore Award- International Competition 2015. May it be a crumpled leaf, floating clouds or trees; he loves to observe the essence of nature which has also inspired him to pen down his poems. Being a lover of art, he believes that everything around us is art and poetry. He can be reached at rahulahuja159@gmail.com