Dr Ratan Bhattacharjee

A Woman Needs Two Things

As a beloved or as a wife
a Woman needs two things in her life
A fabulous smile and a guy that creates it
All other words ,caring or sharing just a hype
Smile is a difficult thing
It comes only when birds sing
To know a woman full
An experience that is always beautiful
But how many men can really do it
More is how many men really want
That a woman is able to chant.

A woman needs two things
She needs a song and a guy
Who is happy when she sings

A singing woman is the most beautiful sight
She is then beautiful in her own right
Hello friends, allow a woman to be ever bright
She will bring to the universe an ever new light

Imagine what could happen if there was no woman
If no woman ever smiles
You could feel imprisoned in sorrows
Or you would look like banished to exiles

Rains in My Heart

Twilight fettered in darkness of cloudy evening
I was reborn in rains
In my heart all night it had been raining
I was walking down memory lanes
So many sweet memories of love and giggles
So many tears and smiles
My eyes were the Ganga of Shravana month
Flowing in full like the Niles

Her sweet smelling presence when we talked
Tresses of her fern hair
Sprouting green grass all around us
In her angry silence she looked so fair
Memory is so sweet is so painful
Her Love was the first dawn of light
I like Adam entered Paradise Regained
She made my soul so bright

Like the blue ship she sailed all night
In the dark yet dreamy unchartered sea
We were like the sailors of Columbus
All cheerful and so much full of glee
She might have forgotten my garrulous talk
I still cherish to look her smiling eyes
Nothing is now remaining for me
Her smile, her songs,can love be all lies?

I Go All Blue
(“There is no blue without yellow and without orange”.
Vincent Van Gogh)

Your Blue image mesmerises me
In the ambience of nature so bright
When you are so blue in your mind
I go all blue reaching the infinite
Your blue beauty awakens me
The desire for the pure aesthetic delight
The brighter you become in your blue
My silent stillness becomes white.

Long ago your blue fascinated me
I felt in you my beloved the blue eyed one
Like my blue jeans you shone and dazzled
I was lucky to have my first love won.
When I feel blue I start breathing again
Like the clear raindrops
Your blue blonde spirit wash my pain.

I am not Picasso to have the blue
He had his blue period for his art
Like the Ocean and the Sky
Blue as colour makes you look smart.
In our life all good things and hopeful ones
Blue is everywhere
You are my blue-eyed woman
Will love you for ever , I swear.
I love the serene ocean which is blue
I recall Maugham’s Mediterranean sea
I love the depth of your mind
When you clad in blue smile on the lea.

 Dr Ratan Bhattacharjee, the bilingual writer and academician is at present602728_10201525681285998_735992391_n the Chairperson of the Post Graduate Dept. of English and is also associated with teaching in the PG Dept of English of Rabindra Bharati Univesity, both in regular and distance. He is the Executive member in the International Advisory Board of International Theeodore Dreiser Society, USA.he also writes short stories for children.He has to his credit books on American and Indian literature.