Richa Tripathi


Rhythmic Love Song

Love is really very strange,
A natural & impulsive game,
An urge of receiving hastily,
A twinge of waiting lately.

Love is really very kinky,
Juvenile, keen plus slinky,
Smiles, tears, and regrets,
Blooms, blasts and frets.

Love is very deep desire some,
Kisses, hugs & lovemaking fun,
Obsessive for a passionate look,
A long lasting list of a notebook.

Love is really very engaging,
Full of glittery and ideal staging,
A course of dreaming reality,
A tragic-comedy of immorality.

Love is really full of life
walking on a pointed knife
A process of life and death
Every single feeling is worth

Love is really very human,
As pleasant lusty acumen,
Dearly like a newly born,
Deserted like an old one.

Love is really very mental,
Wandering similar to an ill,
Caged by crimson emotions,
Unsatisfied high expectations.

Love is really very deadly,
Out of control, intense & madly,
Need to keep it safe and secure,
Prevention is better than cure.



True Love’s Kiss

In the night,

When it is dark

Couples indulge

In endless talk

Qualifying their toughest test,

When distance is like Everest

Now at this stage

A drive has raged

Craving for a kiss

Pouring of that bliss

Untouched history has revealed

Sensuous lips are sealed

Endearing throats are dry

Long bearing longing is very high

Intensive breaths are deep

Intoxication and half asleep

My tongue is your host

Welcoming you the most

Unstoppable want for lip locks,

A race, against the unstoppable clock

Explosive and sizzling devotion

Wild but reliant emotion

Wanting for corporal proximity

Where sensations will turn in to realty

The need of sealed petals

Bodies like burning metals

Dissolving in to liquid of unshaped souls

Two bodies merge to complete the whole

What else lovers can wish

Finding true love to worship

When two bodies are burning

And two hearts are yearning

In search of a chance to touch and feel

A remedy of a wounded hearts to heal

If it starts, it will never end

An addiction without descend

Two earthy bodies on its peak

Taking vow, Souls destined for undying meet

Submission, obsession, purity and intimation

No matter what, Unconditional dedication.


Walk Alone Till the End

A free spirited girl walking towards an ocean
Leaving behind blank, harsh & bloody notions
Facing wounded realities of brutal relations
Full of greed, envy and high expectations
Stuck & stand like a stone-hearten statue
Doomed to remain like frozen dew
Walking towards atrocious waves
Welcoming fate like a valiant brave
Knowing the reality of leaving her behind
By her nears & dears pretend to be kind
Having a pure inner soul and a tender heart
Still unconditional love is an idiotic muck
Knowing her future can tear her apart
Forced to execute her emotions to depart
In middle of life & death, dark & light
Forget what are joy, happiness and plight
Wishes to god same happens to anyone
When you feel like a trash & belong to none
Seems like time is running but you are done
Life is losing from hand like handful sand
What it feels like to be a living dead
Only chaos remains in your head
Breathing is not worth taking,
Existence is not much valued
Relations are wastage
Emotions are to delude
Ready to take hold of hardcore deep
Tears in eyes but resolute not to weep
Determined for a resolution to keep
“Arrival and departure, both come hand in hand,
Walk alone till the end, Walk alone till the end”


Dr. Richa Tripathi, Assistant Professor, Humanities Department at Galgotia College of Engineering and Technology, Gr. Noida, Uttar Pradesh teaches technical students English and Professional Communication. Her uncomplicated poetic lines are filled with humanistic approach towards life.  Her multiple research paper, articles, book reviews and poems have been published in various national and international journals i.e. ‘An INDIAN BRIDE’, ‘ROMIO & JULIUT IN VERSE’ in Galaxy: International Multidisciplinary Research Journal, ‘ON THE JUDGEMENT DAY’ in The Criterion: An international Journal in English, ‘ONCE UPON A NIGHT’, ‘TANDAV FOR LOVE’, ‘STILL CRY’ and ‘PRAY FOR THE DEAD’ in Modern Research Studies, ‘THE WOMB’ and ‘FROM NOTHING to EVERYTHING’ in The Ashvamegh Indian Journal of English Literature and  ‘LET ME EXPRESS’ and ‘LOVE: AN ETERNAL FLOW’ in the Book “The Melodies of Immortality.”