Ritwik Ghosh



                                                                     Jurassic life




The eternal voyage of the moon brings ripeness,

In the meadows silent stream,

Murmuring memory embraces happy reflection, and

Sweet thought pours in rain droplet counterpoint.

In the warm shade of Caytonia, and

In the cool shade of Kuklia,

Libellulium rests under the venation of the night sky.

Above flies the lofty winged Rhamphorhynchus,

A herd of Mamenchisaurus meets the treetops,

Underneath the canopy Sinoconodon lurks in hidden time,

Life strives to renew complexity,

For the moment is ever falling and without renewal,

All triumph goes to the grave.

In the depth of darkling night, from deep slumber, Spinosaurus awakens.



The magnolia buds open inviting the bees,

Mauldinia and Nathorstiana embalm the dark forest,

By the rivers green banks Simosuchus chews herbs and plants.

Euoplocephalus walks in majestic happiness, easeful and wild.

In the dense forest foliage Parasaurolophus is in melody.

Volaticotherium glide through the green trees,

In rounded joy eggs are cared for by Maiasaura,

Diplodocus waves its slender tail tip in outstretched wonder,

The tender tree top is surveyed by Brachiosaurus.

Stegosaurus leisurely chews its leaves,

Carcharodontosaurus silently walks in the dense foliage,

Its careful stride stipples the ground,

It watches a herd of placid Edmontosaurus,

With agile force the scimitars of Vishnu open,

Gaping blood trickles and gushes,

In the distance, in the nest, Carcharodontosaurus hatchlings,

By Beelzebufo are gobbled.


In the strange sea swim millenial polypi,

Colossal turtles, fish and squid swim free,

Elasmosaurus swims its long neck into the azure.

Kronosaurus swims in search of millennial fish.

Mosasaurus with its serrated, sharp teeth, looks for teeming life,

Above the waters soars Quetzalcoatlus searching for majestic food,

Ammonites flow in innumerable joy,

Mosasaurus in searching of Protostega, is bitten by Megalodon.



In the forests of ferns, cycads and conifers,

Of Weichselia, of cycadeoidea and Archaeanthus,

Tranquill herds of Lambeosaurus gorge, and

Frolic with the babbling brooklets,

A Tyrannosaurus looks through the dark vegetation,

It gently raises its head, to smell the wide world,

It imagines its reign will endure forever.






The shepherd falls asleep under a tree,

The shepherd dog bravely guides the sheep into their home.


The shepherd dog barks and runs to get a sheep that strayed,

into the shed.


The shepherd dog awakes,

and attempts to get the sheep moving back home,

from their pastureland,

Misled by error,

the sheep scatter,

The sheep go astray,

each destined to get lost in its own way.


Ritwik Ghosh is the author of two books of poems,” The Democracy of dreams”
and “The Art of the Ode”.