Ritwik Ghosh


We will together go on adventures,

In the vast world, beyond the limitless,

where the visionary world melts in the distance,

We will explore in our gleaming exploration,

the world lapping its liquid dreams,

in wave after gentle wave of voluptuous laughter,

in the glimmering splendour,

of cool passionate discovery,

know ourselves deeply in authentic jocular joy,

in the jollity of the inner hearts symmetry,

unconceal the world in genuine understanding.

In exploration we will discover unseen forces of life,

that revolve the cyclic compass of sorrow and joy,

In our voyage we will feel the spirit of living,

overfill the dream matter of being,

We will come to paths that are forked,

We will choose our paths in the eternal now,

Walking in the lifelong bonds that interconnect all life,

ecosystems with plants and animals,

the maternal ocean with the elevated mountains,

in the offerings of the cosmos,

we will have a renewal of life,

in the rhythm of the universe,

we will bless the good over evil,

Accept the dream of love and live striving,

in our journey of the spirit,

in the adventure of liberation,

Other worlds we will visit,

We will discover that they are just like us,

and we are not what we thought,

we will witness the links of life,

to know truth in us is one in myriad forms,

We will explore consciousness beyond illusion,

To discover we can know and cannot know ourselves,

We will discover the heavenly spark that dwells within the emotional,

We will go on a journey of freedom in the dialogue of being,

Ours is the adventure of striving towards liberty.


 Ode   Rain                                

It’s raining all night,

Never has sadness been more joyous,

In the pitter and patter of raindrops,

I recollect forgotten bliss,

Of thoughts and days, I forget I had,

I can feel memories of innocent worlds,

So lost in experience, to recollect them,

Is to fall as sand, through my hand,

To feel is a rare thing, in the lonely ocean of life,

The raindrops gently crash on the emerald leaves,

Give a moment’s emptiness unmeaning joy,

The woods give way their life with other life,

The paths I chose through life’s woods,

Become covered with new grass,

With new strange foliage, blithe flowers,

Life’s loss and work becomes undone,

The lonely silence of secluded loss,

The murmur of raindrops,

Raindrops cherishing their falling,

The raindrop farewell,

Fills me with emptiness.


It rained all night long,

I forgot all my sorrow,

I forgot all my pain,

In the gentle music of raindrops,

I felt my life heal,

All that I could not do,

My missteps and losses, I let go,

I welcome oblivion,

In the sound of raindrops.


Forms merge with forms,

Time melts, time becomes liquid,

Washes away all things,

Fills with new form,

The myriad strangeness of unnamed,

Unconceived being,

In the fall of gentle raindrops,

I am filled with longing.


The longing of lost love,

Falls gently upon me like rain,

Fills me with inner yearning for lost time, lost worlds,

Of things that were and are never more,

Of stuff that could have been,

And never more can be,

The void and the chasm of love,

Voluptuous as liquid memory,

Pouring passionate upon,

The resignation of calm dappled,

Green touched farewell days,

Each raindrop is a lost dream,

The unfulfilled realm of dreams,

Is the water play that makes

Flowers of loss bloom,

Opening their buds,

While bees drunk with new joy,

Peep within flowers to collect hidden honey.



Ode to Autumn

The harvest overflows,

the granary rooms are filled with fruitage,

We celebrate with dances and song,

the birds sing their songs,

the brooks and rivulets water moaning murmuring flow,

the bees murmur their festival of honey,

the ants gather the joy of the season,

we love the last brilliance of flower rich meadows,

and fruit filled vales,


Our merrymaking fills us with sleep,

we are filled with a long, deep, sweet sleep,


The hunt begins, with the dogs of dawn,

the wild deer of night sprint, bound across the brooks,

oozing sprightly vitality, plucky verve, the stag falls,

feebly exhausted it dies,


O’er filled fruits, gathered ripeness, we share,

across the dinner tables, we gather new radiance,

Across amusements, divertimentos, we share our hearts,

tell our tales, dance once more,

till we in autumn love cherished,

join the long, deep, sweet sleep.


Ritwik Ghosh is the author of two books of poems,” The Democracy of dreams” and “The Art of the Ode”, and the composer of five works of music, a violin concerto, a trumpet concerto, an oboe concerto, a cello suite and a toccata for Organ.