Rupesh Singh

For Love  


 What is love??

I do not know. O Dear Life!!

But still I love you…

But still I love you…

When you are with me

It seems to me that my Self is plunging down

Into the deep sea of thy love…


But for awhile…

You are not with me, OIntrinsic Nature!!

I start searching you in this limitless-sky

And my eyes get dampened

And overflows in your long –longing separation


For me…

You are my soul mate and the precious-gem of life

where my corporeal-frame resides

Our love is Godly…Our love is Godly…

The realization of Oneness

Born out of Nothingness


My peace dwells upon thy soothing-breast

And my Maker appears on thy agile-lips

When you kiss…When you kiss me…

Eternity lives on thy glowing-face

And thy blushful-cheeks marred those glimmering-stars


I hanker to dissolve…I pine to diminish…

Into your life giving eyes…


Thy eyes speak the language of the Unseen

Where I can see the seeds of reeling-Time

And thy love has made me womanly and effeminate

My Lord comes when you smile

Before my humid-eyes…Before my humid-eyes…

In thy twin-pearls I feel the ecstasy of love

Which makes me yours forever and ever…


The lovely and temperate morning is coming down

From the home of laurel-heaven

Where are you? O Youngling Flower!

The dewy-rain is yet to arrive

At my drizzled-windows…….


I made a garland of fresh flowers

For you, O Corn Flower!

The sweet-spring is waiting for you

Amidst the woods and the fruity orchards

Where have you been? O blissful joy!

I am feeling you in this sullen-air

And my Self is melting into thee, O Life!



Life is what but a sickle of Time

My love is not time’s servitude

How can I express thee, O Creeper!

How profoundly I love Thee!

My love is book of holy Scriptures

And its each chapter begins with you

And ends with you, O Selfless love!



Whenever I sleep or awake

I find thy presence everywhere

O Moist-dew! O Ductile Willow!

Will you love me?

When I will be not here…

To listen your gentle-melody

While I will sleep in my little-cave

Will you come to offer me sweet-rain?

O wall-flower!



Into the shelf of time…

When I behold you, O Full-Circled Moon!

I gave my wild heart to you

And you caged into your cell forever and ever

Your advent in my deserted life like the dewy-rain

And moisten my frame with joy and pain


Ah! The sweet-morn has arrived at my door

With the sweet-twittering of colourful-birds

Where are you? O Angel of my life!

The evening is melting down

In the shady vales and highest mountains

But you did not come, O Falling fountain!

I keep on watching your ways…

I keep on watching your ways…


Without you

O Humid-tears!

Each and every atom seems to me an inevitable-century

O bluebell comes! O dandelion come

I am waiting for you at my half-closed windows




Who are you?

The moving wheel ?

The annihilator of Kalpa,

I have to come to expunge the entire universe


No one will remain…No one will remain…

Except execrable-carcasses

Only oceanic-tears…Only oceanic-tears…


Devastation, Detonation…Deterioration…

Has arrived to destroy all the mankind

O provenance of all species!!

Save the degenerated and debased mortality



O life!

What are you?

Darkness or light


Where should I go?

Darkness is visible everywhere

In the encompassed-world

And into ME



Rolled into the skin of blackness

Each and every thing upon the earth

Seems to me into the dungeon of utmost



The ways are foggy and the misty

And the nothingness is diffused everywhere

Life seems to ME at the verge of havoc
and the lethal-destruction




Who am I?

Dead or alive

Where is my living-abode?


Who am I?

Body or soul

How can I bifurcate?


Who am I?

Male or female

Where do I exist?


Who am I?

Dance or the cosmic-dancer

Where is the music??

Play on…Play on…


Who am I?

Worldly or transcendentalist

Lurking between two-worlds

One is obscure and obnoxious

And the other is powerless to born


Who am I?

A friend or foe

Clashing in the darkling-nights

To each other


Who am I?

Water or fire

Same in virtue and nature


Who am I?

Lover or beloved

Loving each other




Where is the equanimity?

Is it in the mind or somewhere else??

My heart is full of sorrow and compassion

And the mind is depressed and shaggy

And the eyes are full overflowing tears


O My Genitor!

Show me the right path of life!!

I am but a puppet in thy hands

I beg your pardon for doing sleazy-action


All the righteousness

And the unrighteousness emanates from Thee!

Where should I go??

What is the right route of life??

All the world moves through the charm of Maya

Spare me!! From your bleakly-Illusion

And redeem me from this spasm and tremor



Whatever duty I perform

O Supreme Deity!

Whether it is auspicious or inauspicious action

Whatever I take or give up

Whatever self-denial I do

O Lords of Lord! Leads to Thee!


Though I am avaricious and abrasive

Though I am dubious and deficit in virtues

Though I lack austerity and self-abnegation

Though my mind is not fixed in your devotion

But I am your wretched able child, O Lotus-eyed!




Rupesh Singh was born in Masena-Mirzapur, Ambedkar Nagar. He wasRupesheducated in Ambedkar Nagar and Azamgarh. He completed his graduation and post-graduation from the prestigious University Of Allahabad where he is currently pursuing his D.Phil on the topic: The Meaning Of Love in selected  tragedies and comedies of Shakespeare: A Critical Study. Amidst the idyllic village sourroundings the peace  and beauty of nature greatly influenced his personality filling him with a sensitive approach towards both Man and Nature.