Rupesh Singh

Pouring Rain

You always live in my laky-eyes
Like a over pouring rain
You always live in my heart
As a beating pulsations
You always flow in my veins
As a warmth blood, O Meadow Saffron!
You always dwell as a breath
In my corporeal frame, O Blazing Star!
You are nowhere, O Smiling Sun!
But in my besmeared Soul!!
Whereever my dampend eye goes?

Life seems to me on the razor-edge
I stood alone upon the serrated-walls
looking towards rainy-sky
With dripping-eyes…with crestfallen heart…
searching you in these blue-eyes…
You are no more but still you rain
through the sodden-windows…
Heart bleeds with bottomless-pain
Eye cries and weeps in doleful-fain
Life seems to me on the razor-edge
Come! And wound my heart with sharpest-blade…
I am no more but a heap of broken-images
The image of thy sweetest-love and caress
Where have you gone? O Love Blind!!
Would you not come? Like the soaring-ocean!!


I write thy name
I write thy name on the sand
the wind comes and erase it
I write thy name on the calm-water
the flood comes and blow it again
I write thy name over the palms of hand
the time comes and remove it again
I write thy name through my words
Over the dampend-papers
But the rain comes and wetted it again
I write thy name through my warmth-breaths
Again the dawn comes and we part
like the crimson-stars
Rain in eyes and pain in heart
waiting for the night and moon
the sweet-dew of thy kisses
still I have with life’s boon….

When I look back
I miss you in each and every nights
When the moon comes with sunshine
upon the wide-sky…
I miss your company at each step of life
when I stumble down…
Upon the misty-ways
I miss your sweet-whisperings in each moments
when I want to share my emotions
upon the stage of deserted-life…
I miss your care and love at each atoms of life
When I look back
upon the roads of past-days…
I miss your dewy-kisses while I sleep or rise
Upon the footprints of time …
I miss your sighs and sweet-cries
Now and always
upon the wings of humid-eyes…
I miss your long-awaited arrival
In my forlorn and feverish-life…

Rupesh Singh was born in Masena-Mirzapur, Ambedkar Nagar. He was rupesheducated in Ambedkar Nagar and Azamgarh. He completed his graduation and post-graduation from the prestigious University Of Allahabad where he is currently pursuing his D.Phil on the topic: The Meaning Of Love in selected  tragedies and comedies of Shakespeare: A Critical Study. Amidst the idyllic village sourroundings the peace  and beauty of nature greatly influenced his personality filling him with a sensitive approach towards both Man and Nature.He is a romantic poet from the bottom of his heart.