Samriddha Upreti

Waves of wishes

Sea is a hungry dog.

The big wave rises, of the size of hills and mountains

The lighting storm appears in the fog.

But  I am still there, on the sand, bare footed watching the sea.

The sun sets, sea gets more deadly.


People wonder why am I there?

But I was still watching the sea.

From the depth of the sea the sea god rises.

But my facial expression didn’t even changed a bit.

The sea god got surprised.

In anger she asked me, ‘I am the sea god I can harm you,

But why are you so still?’

‘I am here; I am here searching the most precious thing.’

What precious thing?

‘I am here to find a better world,

a non corrupted world,

a peaceful world ,can you give me  that?

Cause you said that you are a god.’


The sea god again went into the depth of the sea,

and me, I was still waiting and observing the sea.


Samriddha Upreti, a young school boy from Nepal. Poetry can be a great way to connect with children.