Santosh Alex


For me,

Summer is a journey,

back from the cacophony of a city

to the serenity of a small hamlet


Strung to unknown bonds,

roaming around in abandon

through paddy-fields and barren playgrounds,

frolicking in the pond and

swaying atop guava and tamarind trees,

the days go by


Soon that I realise,

the value of these bonds,

the city summons me back.




 As I put my pen to paper

words went and hid somewhere

I left them to their will


I saw one in the morning newspaper,

a few on the satellite channels

and some in contemporary magazines


They just slipped away

as I tried catching them


In the evening,

as I sat to tutor the children,

words peeked out of the dictionary

donned in new meanings

and mannerisms.



Returning on the wings

of the southerly winds

I crossed the small rivulet,

swaying paddy fields,

vast barren grounds,

secluded walkways,

and the nameless hillock


Time flew by,

catching dragonflies,

collecting abrus seeds,

tasting mango kernels

and Jackfruit flaps

and so did another vacation


When I opened my eyes,

I was atop Noah’s ark.




Oh! How I wish to hear

the Koel’s voice

the harvest songs

the Boatmans ballads

the music of the river

the humming of the bees

the rustle of bamboos


Oh! How I wish I could travel

atop the westerly and easterly winds


Hearing a commotion

when I came out

I saw the koel, farmers

Boatmen, river, bees, bamboo

the westerly and easterly winds

being taken in hand-cuffs

charged of noise pollution





As the pain in my hand

became unbearable

I measured the distance

between eyes and tears

wings and their flaps

earth and its chasm

things and their shadows

waves and the ocean

cattle and their ropes

I am still unable to measure

the distance between

and and its pain


Authors of 18 books Santosh Alex is a bilingual poet and widelysantosh Alex published translator and a poetry curator. He is the founder of India’s first ejournal devoted to poetry alone- Rithupoetry. He is an invited poet to different poetry festivals in the country.He has two poetry collection  Dooram(2008) and Njan ninakku oru ghazal (2013 )in Malayalam and one poetry collection in Hindi Panv Tale ki mitti ( 2013). His poems has been widely translated into Hindi, English, Telugu , Odiya, Bengali ,Nepaliand German Language. His poems have been published in Sunrise from the Blue thunder(International Poetry Anthology) ,Hudson view ( International Poetry Journal), Indo Australian Poetry Anthology , The Enchanting Verse, Muse India , Pratilipi , Seven Sisters Post and Indian Ruminations.            Dr. Santosh translates post colonial literature in English, Hindi and Malayalam. He has translated almost 90 writers from the country in different languages. He’s enriching Indian Literature by means of translation and creative writing for the past 23 years.