Shruti Goswami

I crawled back and forth
And a hundred years flew
Like rain and thunder
Torn asunder
Shook the earth
Like a bottle of wine
And I drank thirstily.
I crawled back and forth
From birth to death
Awaiting footsteps
That faded long ago
Like the picture drawn
With charcoal
Whose likeness you said
Resembled me.
I crawled back and forth
From Have to Have- nots
And the Haves have not
The Have- nots do not realize
What they have
And each cry for greener pasture.
I crawled back and forth
From season to season
Searching for a reason
For the rise of the moon and sun
Trying to end
What already has begun
This cycle that consumes
Since time was born.

I lost my way back in the woods,

Forgot to inhale the dried brown leaves,

Reminds me of an age old book.

The beauty of life escaped my mind,

In you, my mind was enshrined.

In the freedom of awakening,

Where the deepest feelings of curiosity,

Is invoked by the deepest emotions;

Where supreme consciousness unite,

Mind with matter, and substance with spirit,

I now stand, naked, blessed and blissful,

Awaiting the return of the native.

Shruti Goswami, an Architect and Urban Planner by profession, was born_DSC8068 and brought up in one of the premier industrial townships of Durgapur, West Bengal. She completed her schooling from Durgapur and then did her Bachelors’ in Architecture and Masters in Town and Regional Planning from B. E College, Shibpur ( now IIEST, Shibpur).Her father, also an engineer by profession, and her mother, a housewife, had inculcated in her a deep love for literature and music from an early age. She is an avid reader of proses; however, she finds her mode of expression in poetry. She believes everyone has a different way of expression, but creativity is a language that can be understood by all and sundry, and therefore, prefers to call herself a “translator of emotions”. She is inspired by the simple things in nature, and love is her deepest motivator, because it gives her a spontaneous ness that other emotions do not stir.
Her poems have been published in several national and international Journals and Anthologies like Taj Mahal Review, Harvests of New Millennium, Scaling Heights, Heartstrings, Ink Spot Radio Show, Suvarnarekha, The World Anthology for Peace, Resonating String and in online poetry journals such as Fragrance. Her poems have also been recited on a radio show for poetry in Canada. She also writes short stories in Bengali and they have been published in several magazines like Palash Katha and Lipinagorik. Three of her Bengali poems have been use in a short film and recently premiered in the Kolkata Short Film Festival called “Eshona” meaning “Quest”. Her first book, co-authored with poetess Ananya Chatterjee, “Another Soliloquy”, is a collection of 50 poems and was published in 2014.
She has varied interest and travel is one of her favourite hobbies. She was also among the top 20 beauty contest finalists in Kolkata in 2013 in the contest” Deepti Ey Somoy” jointly organised by the Bengali vernacular “Ey Somoy” (under TOI) and Senco Gold from among 7000 contestants.