Shruti Goswami


Tell me life, now
Tell me death
What pride is concealed
What emptiness
In the hollow of your hallowed portals
That I have never met
Tell me now, let me know
What fight, rustles like the leaves
When you betray each other
That I defy, now you
Then you
Hold my breath
To deceive.
Let me stay
As you breathe down
Each other’s neck
Prey on mortals

Tell me life now
When you leave.


Shivering leaves
Purring softly
Like a cat on prowl
Scared at the touch of rain
Transform like a butterfly
The very next morn.

I care not
About the Buddha or the Zen
It simply rained
One fine night
Much to my dismay
I was scared and scarred
But I am now transformed
Like the life divine.

shShruti Goswami is an avid reader of proses; however, she finds her mode of expression in poetry. She believes everyone has a different way of expression, but creativity is a language that can be understood by all and sundry, and therefore, prefers to call herself a “translator of emotions”.