As millions of people,the world over,are busy paying their tribute to you,
I see you in a totally different light and present a different point of view.

People are saying ,over and over again, that ‘may your soul rest in peace’,
I would say that your mind and soul were always ‘at peace’ and ‘at ease’.

And it’s this state of mind that helped you achieve so much in your lifetime,
Even though for fame,money and position, you never really cared a dime.

You had a fiery passion for life with which you wanted to ignite young minds,
You just believed in giving nothing but your very best to situations of all kinds.

Your love for youth and seeing a bright future in them,you never ever disguised,
Hence you did not leave a single opportunity to be with them and be their guide.

Your desire to realize your dreams never let you sleep,your dreams were selfless,
And inspired millions not only to dream but fulfill dreams through efforts endless.

As for your pristine love for your motherland ,it was so exemplary and evident,
To millions you have taught the true spirit of following religion by being prudent.

Above all you were a human being par excellence and so very down to earth,
Even though of talent, true spirit and a techno savvy mind you had no dearth.

All those who wish to offer you an ode today should realize that the only way,
It can be done is to imbibe the values you believed and practiced night and day.

The deep underlying message conveyed through these words, dedicated to a noble soul,
Is not to write about him for effect only today but to make his dreams for India, your goal!


Simplicity is a virtue that is so rare to find in this era and time,
It is almost as if being a simpleton today is actually a big crime.
Complexity and chaos has become the order of the day today,
It is sad indeed that we rarely enjoy a relaxed, stress free day.

The style quotient today is boasting of a busy and hectic pace,
Everybody seems to be part of a huge marathon or a mad race.
Affluence today means more and more possessions and wealth,
Everyone seems to lack ‘peace of mind’ and a very good health.

Cosy houses have given way to cramped flats with no fresh air,
Simple traditional clothes have been replaced by western wear.
Healthy and wholesome food has given way to fast and junk food,
Polite language has been replaced by one that is rude and crude.

As I recall my childhood in a small town where I lived years back,
I realize life was simple yet beautiful, which today we sadly lack.
The play time adventures, so many festivities and celebrations,
The sharing and caring, many a secret longings and infatuations.

Not having a TV was such a boon, it gave us time to be outdoors,
Weaving and listening to interesting tales by the dozens and scores.
Not having computers and mobiles actually helped us come closer,
Nagging and nudging friends ,forever ragging and bullying each other.

We have paid a price, over the years, converting our towns into cities,
We have made the simplicities of life turn gradually into complexities .
How I wish life could be simple and sweet today like in the era gone by,
When we would nurture all relations and had simple moments to enjoy!


Every drop of water ,adds up to make many a mighty ocean and sea,
Creating huge waves, infusing our body and mind with boundless energy.
Every drop of the golden Sun, adds up to form the expansive daylight,
Lighting and warming up the earth, making it look so beautiful and bright.
Every drop of air, adds up to create the divine life force flowing constantly,
Moving in and out of innumerable living beings, sustaining lives incessantly.
Every drop of fertile soil, adds up to make the glorious and generous earth,
Producing food for the populations over generations, without any dearth.
Every drop of nectar adds up into a swirling and surging sea of sweetness,
Attracting swarms of bees to the blushing blooms through their fragrance.

Every drop of matter, adds up to create on the globe, the vast environment,
Enabling huge ecosystems to thrive and coexist by becoming interdependent.
Every living cell, adds up to form , a really mammoth variety of living creatures,
By producing off springs, generation after generation, with diverse features.
Every drop of blood, adds up to form a powerful, pulsating, perpetual flow,
Gushing inside a living body, giving it the energy boost and the radiant glow.
Every drop of grey matter, adds up to create a colossal network of neurons,
Stimulating and triggering the brain to control all the thoughts and actions.
Every drop of love, adds up to create a universal bond bringing people closer,
Giving meaning to relationships and existence, winning hearts over and over.


You are but one speck in the sea of humanity,
That is reeling under sheer insecurity and vanity.
You’re caught in a vicious circle of action and reaction,
Hence you need to ever guard your communication.

Why constantly prove yourself right, right from birth?
Can you not be content in knowing your own self worth?
Spend more time introspecting than portraying yourself,
Ever strive to retain your identity and never lose oneself.

Savour each and every moment and slow down your pace.
Life is meant to be cherished and you are not in any race!
Do not always for your gains, try to please and appease,
What is meant to be, will definitely come to you with ease.

So make the most of the life you have been blessed with,
It is a wonderful opportunity you have been graced with
So be careful as you tread on the sands of time,
As you often leave your indelible footprints behind.


Attitude is the often ‘spoken and heard’ word today,
What exactly is an attitude, I wondered aloud one day?
An attitude is ‘the way a person thinks and behaves’,
At least this is what the dictionary meaning conveys!

We come across, attitudes of so many different kinds,
They are a reflection of what goes on in human minds.
Whether an attitude is right or wrong, it’s hard to define,
And between two perceptions, there can be a fine line!

It is sad to see people carrying a ‘high and mighty’ attitude,
And always making it a point to be generally, nasty and rude.
In contrast, some others strive to be calm, poised and polite,
And they automatically,respect and love, from others invite!

Those, who are ever judging others, fail to judge themselves,
As they are actually emotionally upset with their own selves,
Those, who with every word and action spell and spill humour,
Often hide their pain and anguish, under their calm demeanour!

There is a ‘never mind’ attitude and a ‘devil may care’ attitude,
One that is ‘forever apologetic’ and one ‘without any gratitude’!
‘I am the best’ attitude is often found among not the very best,
And ‘I am good for nothing’ is drawing sympathy from the rest!

Yet, individual perception of attitudes, when kept aside,
The kind of person one is, attitude can help others decide.
The right attitudes are sure to take you a long way in life,
And the wrong attitude can add to your misery and strife!

It is true that humility does not come easily to a lot of people,
But when acquired, it does make the attitude softer and subtle.
Let us change our attitude to one, more pleasant and profound,
And make peace with our own selves and with others around!


  SHUBHA SAGAR,  an educator by profession ,has taught in various schoolssub across the country.Since last 10 years she has worked with International Boards, IGCSE AND IB,teaching Biology and holding key positions.She is M.Sc.(hons.) in Zoology and M.Sc. in Psychotherapy and Counselling. Writing poems and tarot reading are some of her hobbies. She attributes her writing skills to her alma mater,St. Mary’s Convent, Allahabad. Her love for poetry dates back to the time when she was in grade 7 and her teacher fondly named her ‘the little poet’. She likes to write traditional poems and has written over 500 poems.