Sibasis Jana


Netaji means freedom and blood,
Netaji means life and struggle,
Netaji means celebration and glory.

Netaji means nationalism and enthusiasm.
Netaji means spirit and Azad hind fouz.
Netaji means colonialism and post colonialism.

Netaji means heroism and spiritualism.
Netaji means India and Delhi,
Netaji means sublimity and immortality…


Ode to Swamiji…

O the cyclonic monk come to our earthly abode with thy divine science of rajyoga’ and karmayoga’.

From saptarsimamdal’ to simla, from philosophy to theology, from bhubaneswaridevi to sri Ramkrisna thy abode, education, religiosity reoriented.

From childhood to sanyas life thy vision and mission, thy intelligence and creativity, meditation and achievement glorify thy swans.

Through thy yogic light ‘veda- vedanta- Upanishads simplified from innocence to experience, from the gita to football ground.

From kanyakumari to Chicago address thy lectures flower nationalism to spiritualism, education to cosmopolitanism.

O, the divine spirit, appear to us again in the Indian ocean to revitalize this jambudip with the clarion call ‘ arise, awake…’ in this meditative Himalayans ganga, kundalini’ saraswati swans.


A yogi

Hail to the divine guide, the preacher of kriya’ Yoga and the innovator of Energization come to our earthly paradise again.

Thou spread the seeds of Vedanta in the west, transmute the spirit of Raj yoga and illuminate the science of physio therapy and psycho therapy.

Oh the premavatar’ ( the incarnation of love), the representative of spiritual bard, the god gifted engine enlighten us with thy divine science.

A man, a soul,
a life , a swan,
A lighthouse, a yogi.

Sibasis Jana, a bi-lingual poet, critic, educationist, is an Asstt. Professor in1016286_484893478264490_1976361002_n English at Panskura Banamali College, Purba Medinipur. He has three books and several research papers to his credit. His areas of interest are Indian English writing, Folk Studies, Rasa Theory, Film studies and Religious studies. He is the life member of Guild of Indian Writers, editors and critics (G.I.W.E.C.), Kerala. He is the Asstt. Secretary of S.P.E.L.L(Society of poetry, Education, language and Literature), Kolkata.