Sibasis Jana

If I were a kite

If I were a kite
I’d float and run to the infinite ‘akas – ganga’,

I’d sing the songs of fairy stars and solar families,
their births, marriages and unifications.

My body like harp would ring with the rhythms of gentle breeze songs.

From the deep blue ocean I’d envision the earth diurnal course work
with the palpalable threads of gravitations.

I’d arise and awake, ascend and descend enjoying the bliss of earthly paradise
and heavenly freedoms.

I’d send the messages of earthly devotees to God’s abode to wipe out their miseries.

I’d connect the body with the mind through the heavenly doors of spiritual ‘om’ opera house.

Through the ethereal wave of ‘ida’- pingala’- susumna’
I pass my breathings from ‘muladhar’ to swadhisthan’, from ‘ manipur’ to sahasradhar’.

I’d vibrate the cosmic consciousness to achieve the spirit of astral freedom and self-Realization spreading the seeds of ‘satyam’- sivam – sundaram’.

The golden light

Setting sun empowers the golden corns with parting lips of dejection.
The smoke from the chimneys fills the bluish sky with whitish- blackish carbonated emitions.
Wintry scraps of love decorate ‘nandan- maidan- sadan’.
Horse riders gallop with the pride of jingle bells at Victoria memorial.
River’s tent is decorated with the bridal parties of ‘0ld wive’s tales.’
Puran- quoran- bible – tripitak wrapped in vendor’s
Alphabetical clusters.
Anti files scrape in the
Heaps of broken glasses.
Lovers elope enjoying ‘haldiram’ flavour.
Still the sun shines.
The moon glitters.
Amoral birds float on
the wings of divine poesy.
Happy Valentine’s Day

go deep into the ocean of love
and fetch the pearls underneath,
drink the milk of amorous tunes.
play the flute on the bank of river
jamuna like Krishna , Radha will
come on your wave screen.
Memorise the immortal love tales of
‘sakuntala-dusmanta’, ‘pururaba-urvasi’
‘malavika-agni’ ‘,nal-damayanti’,
and sweeten heart’s call vibrantly.
sit under the shadowy moonlit night
pluck the glances of ‘thisbe-pyramus’,
‘troilus-chressida’, ‘dido-aeneas’, ‘jason-medea’.
walk on hilly beach of Goa
hear the sweet notes ‘dona-paona’.
open the pages of love sites
with ‘ romeo-juliet’, ‘orlando-rosalind’,
‘hero-leander’ and calculate the mystery
of dove, rose ,arrow and wings.
call Chaucer to fly his birds in parliament of fowls,
invoke winged cupid and psyche or kamdeva with three k’s
to spread the seeds of love in the magic casements
of four Vedas in four sides,
ye, to celebrate such a valentine’s day.

Sibasis Jana, a bi-lingual poet, critic, educationist, is an Asstt. Professor in1016286_484893478264490_1976361002_n English at Panskura Banamali College, Purba Medinipur. He has three books and several research papers to his credit. His areas of interest are Indian English writing, Folk Studies, Rasa Theory, Film studies and Religious studies. He is the life member of Guild of Indian Writers, editors and critics (G.I.W.E.C.), Kerala. He is the Asstt. Secretary of S.P.E.L.L(Society of poetry, Education, language and Literature), Kolkata.