Srijana K.C

Rich – Poor

News flashes! as is the nature of news

“Earthquake shakes my country in April”

choppers, private jets, whirlybirds whirling in sky

while Hillbilly in beastly beauty- the Mountain

notices an alien bird pooping a sack of rice, bawls

as cereal scatters on ground with the thrust it falls.

He looks at his coughing oldies and starving children

squats pondering whether to feed them muddy grain.

Meanwhile, banners, celebs, agencies flash their teeth.

Rich getting richer, poor poorer beneath.


News fizzles! as is the nature of news.

news return home,cuddle their warm blankets.

there remains Hillbilly amid forsaken mountains

now covered with snow,

shivering in cold winter,

still inside makeshift tarp;

impotently looking at his oldies

now the blood they barf,

his innocents still sit on edge of a scarp

setting their myopic eyes over the  skies.


Sometimes I wonder, what if dimes

Diva spends lifting the face, boosting her bosom

and pennies Richy swings at golf course,

gambles at casino could

pierce these stubborn mountains;

Limousine and Lamborghini could

disguise as cable cars and the trains

just to meet Hillbilly and his family,

how poor yet how rich,

how helpless yet how resilient they are.


I know, I just wonder a lot!


The bliss of develop – ing;

you get the eyes to see the both

extravagance ruining the ‘-ed’ and stun,

vengeance ruling the ‘un-‘ and mourn.

The curse of dangling in the middle;

the delicacies the bulging belly serves above

entices your salivary flow

yet you swallow back, nauseated to look at

its shit over the scaphoid below.

It helps maintain your BMI though!



 Srijana K.C, a doctor  by profession. She writes both to express herselfkcand for her love for Art and Creativity. Besides she likes painting, reading books, visiting places, trekking at times.  She listens keenly to Buddha’s words and therefore follow peace since childhood. Her name Srijana in Nepali means ‘Creation’.